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Lesson 1 on metric measures


The Roog.


This week will be a series of shorter writing activities which provide the basis for a longer non chronological report  we will do the following week when you are back at school. The idea is to create your own creature like the Roog. You can use the layout of The Roog as a basis. If you prefer to use word and email it in that's fine or you could use the blank google doc which I will attach on GC. I just don't know how great it will be for creating a table if that's what you want. I look forward to hearing about your crazy creatures.

English - The Roog



Our biome for research this week is temperate forests. Watch the lesson video and look at the links provided, then use the document attached to help you organise your research. Don't forget to log into Oddizzi for more information (log in details below).