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Monday 22nd February


We hope you a nice break from doing your school work and are ready for a new week.  Let's get started by creating a relaxed you for the day.  Join Mrs Graham's video to do a mindfulness workshop. We will add a new pose to our yoga sequence - see the sequence below. 

Our affirmation for today is ... I am amazing

You are amazing!  Think of all the things that make you amazing.  You work hard, you listen, you have great ideas, you are a good friend... what else makes YOU amazing.  Whenever you doubt yourself and don't believe in what you can do - remember YOU ARE AMAZING!



Spellings - today we are going to be learning some topic words about L S Lowry and looking at different spelling strategies to help you.  Watch Mrs Graham's video.  There is a look, cover, spell, check sheet below which you should use daily until you can spell all your words.  There is also a spelling strategy activity which you can complete at some point this week. 

Main lesson - In English this week, we are going to find out about non-fiction texts and will build up our knowledge until, on Friday we plan our own biography, of a person of your choice.  Today we are going to focus on recognising what features we might find in fiction and non-fiction books and texts.  Watch Mrs Graham's video, where she explained the difference.  Afterwards, have a go at sorting features into fiction and non-fiction, using the sheets below. 




We are going to begin this half term's maths by looking at shapes and start by recapping what we know about 2D shapes. 

Watch Miss Balfe's video where she will ask you to first complete sheet one by matching the name to each 2D shape. Tip - start with the ones you know from Year 1 such as triangle, square, circle and leave the trickier ones until the end. Resume Miss Balfe's video to see how to complete the second worksheet in today's lesson.

When Miss Balfe asks you to, stop the video and complete the worksheet. Resume the video to check how you did and then play the quiz on 2D shapes by watching the second half of today's video here (Miss Balfe made a little error whilst filming I'm afraid - oops!)

Then play the following game choosing Level 2 - sorting rectangles, pentagons, hexagons and octagons



Today we are going to be learning all about our new topic. We will be learning all about a significant individual and looking into him all half term. This leads nicely on from our famous people topic because significant individuals are famous and our famous person for this half term is, Laurence Stephen Lowry or better known as L.S. Lowry. Watch Mrs Hodgson’s video to find out lots of facts about Lowry and then you can pause the video when you are asked to complete your activities and then come back to the video to finish off with a quiz with Mrs Hodgson.


Activity one – Create a fact file page about L.S. Lowry either using the template below or creating your own layout.


Activity two – Listen to the song that was created in honour of Lowry’s life and artwork after he died and have a go at joining in using the lyrics on the video! Matchstalk Men and Matchstalk Cats and Dogs.


Plenary – True or false Quiz time with Mrs Hodgson on her video.



Watch and join in with your next music lesson with Miss Nolan. Enjoy!