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Monday 8th February


Happy Monday!  We hope you have had a lovely weekend and are ready for relaxing start to the day with our 3 mindful m's.  Using the Yoga Sequence 2 that we used last week, have a go at gentle breathing and slow moving between the poses and finish with sunshine breathing, lighting up the room with your smile.   Next practise your high 5 finger breathing and finish off with your affirmation.  

Today's affirmation is I am loving.

Think about what this means to you. Who do you love?  How do you show this?  Who loves you? How do they show this? Sometimes we take people for granted and forget to show loving behaviour.  Perhaps today you can show the people you care about how much you love them by doing something nice or giving them a hug. 



Today, we are going to do our spelling test, play some games with our spellings from this half term, recapping all the learnt rules. Watch the video of Mrs Hodgson going through your test and playing games with all your spelling words from this half term. There is then a crossword puzzle for you to complete below.


Also today, we are going to do some handwriting practise as we know that you were all enjoying learning to join your letters before Christmas focussing on correct letter formation. Watch the video of Mrs Hodgson doing this lesson. You can pause the video if needed and practise your lovely handwriting along with me. We will be focussing on the ‘il, it, ll’ join.


Listen to Mrs Hodgson’s daily read of George’s Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl as this will help you with your English lessons towards the end of the week. Chapter 1 and 2.


NOTE: You will need to collect lots of cardboard and scrap paper or fabric this week for your Friday English Lesson and boxes for your Wednesday Art lesson.



Begin today's maths lesson by playing the Firepit Fractions game (you may want to play Year 1 level until we recap thirds later this week). If you're feeling confident then play the Year 2 level. 

Then complete the equivalent of half and two quarters worksheet attached below before watching Miss Balfe's video where she will answer and discuss each questions so that you can mark your work and see how you did. 

If you find any of the questions tricky, remember you could always watch the video and listen to Miss Balfe discuss how we'd answer the question before pausing, having a go yourself and then resuming the video to see how you did. 



Let's have fun and join in with a quiz all about what we have learned in RE about Judaism.  Play the quiz on the PowerPoint below - use the pictures as clues to help with some of your answers.  If you don't get all the questions right, you could have another go until you do. After that there is a Star of David craft activity for you to enjoy.  



Join Miss Nolan with her music lesson.