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Monday 9th November

English 9am - 10am

Today we would like you to watch one or all of the Rotten Ralph videos below which will introduce our writing topic for this week. 

After you have watched the video, we would like you to write who the main characters are and what the setting is for the Rotten Ralph video. Make a few bullet point notes on what happened in the story to help you re-tell the story.

Rotten Ralph video 1

Rotten Ralph video 2

Rotten Ralph video 3


Spellings 10am - 10.30am

Today, you will find a powerpoint below for this week's spelling test. Complete the powerpoint and at the end, we have set your new spellings to learn this week. You will also find a word document of this week's new spellings below. 


Break Time


Maths 11am - 12pm 

Today, we would like you to complete the number bonds to ten game and then complete the number bonds game. Once you feel confident with your bonds, there is a board game for you to play on the word document below. 

Number bonds to ten game

Save the whale - number bonds to ten

Number bonds to twenty game


Lunch Time 


Art 1.30pm - 2.30pm

Today, we would like you to draw a bee. Grab yourself a pencil and a piece of plain paper and draw what you think a bee looks like. After you have done this, click on this link here to watch a video on how to draw a realistic bee. https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=how+to+draw+a+bee&surl=1&safe=active#kpvalbx=_dP-oX8fgMuKg8gK-2JXAAg17 This video will guide you through drawing a realistic bee and you can add your colour afterwards too. Think about why we might be asking you to draw a bee? Enjoy! 


Music - Miss Nolan

See below for the next music lesson that Miss Nolan has planned. 


Story Time 

Today, choose a story of your choice at home and read it to somebody in your house.