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Must Read Books

Welcome to our Library Section




At Didsbury Road Primary School we love reading lots of different books and want to share some of our favourite books with you.

Click on the sections below to have a look at our list of suggested books for each key stage. The list is long! There are some amazing books included on there. There is also a section with a variety of new and old books that I love and think you might like too. I will try to update it each term as there are always great new books coming out. I have focused on KS2 and Mrs Gardner will include choices for KS1. I hope these suggestions inspire you to read new books you might not otherwise have come across.


We know this isn't the ideal time to go book shopping but there are some freebies on Amazon for Kindle users and audible are doing free trials for a month on audio books. There are online bookshops where bargains can be had like Abe books which has second hand books as well as new. Obviously W.H Smiths and Waterstones have online book stores too. I hope you find some thing new to inspire you. Reading is so exciting when you find a book you love - to quote Mason Cooley, "Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are." This has never been more apt.


Mrs Gibson


Mrs Gibson's favourites for year 5 and 6. Special updates for World Book Day 2021