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3rd April 2020

Dear Parents and Carers

I hope you and your children are keeping safe and your second week of home learning has gone well.
Thank you for emailing in some of the wonderful things your children have been doing at home to share with us. Thank you also for the positive feedback on the daily messages and class pages of our school website.
Our teachers are working incredibly hard to prepare and provide a variety of creative, practical, online and printable activities for the children to enjoy. This is very different to daily work that they are used to, teaching face to face in the classroom, and they are doing their best to ensure that learning can continue as far as possible at home. We are pleased you are enjoying the activities we are suggesting.
We have received a number of queries from parents about additional guidance for home learning and the possibility of extending what we are providing. We are currently planning other ways to communicate with the children after Easter. However, this needs to be a communication system which is safe, accessible and manageable for staff, parents and children.
At the moment, some members of staff are still coming into school to look after the children who are eligible to attend, several staff members are self-isolating and many have their own families to care for at the same time. Teachers are doing everything they can to support your children in what is a very challenging situation for everyone.
We recognise that most parents are not teachers and we are realistic about what your children may be able to do at home. Our families are able to provide varying levels of support at home and some will have limited access to IT. We recommend that you do what you feel you are able to and the things that your children enjoy. Your children are not expected to do schoolwork all day long particularly if you’re a parent who is also trying to work from home or you have more than one child to look after and support with learning. A routine may be helpful to plan the learning for the day but children also need time to relax and play.
You may wish to use some of this time to focus on developing other useful skills rather than focusing on purely academic learning. Skills such as tying shoelaces, suitable jobs around the house, telling the time, gardening and many more! Reading is also really important, reading to your children, listening to them read, the more reading the better!
Teachers will not be updating the school website over the Easter holiday. Our staff need a holiday and a rest and I’m sure you and your children will appreciate a break too. Some staff will be coming into school to care for our children of key workers and will take a later Easter holiday. There are still many activities to enjoy at home on the website should you wish to access these and we have sent out information about the Family Easter activity challenge earlier today.
Thank you all for your support during this time.
Take care

Mrs Collins