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Dear Parents and carers


I hope you and your families are keeping safe. We are all missing the children very much and hope they are all well.


Class Blogs

In addition to the home learning resources on the class pages of the website, we will be launching a class blog for the children to keep in touch with their year group teachers throughout the school closure. The children will be able to write to their teacher, send messages, ask questions and upload photos of work and other activities they have been doing at home.


Over the next two weeks, you will be emailed a log in for your child to access the class blog on the school website. We will be emailing details to a year group at a time so please do not worry if you have more than one child and you do not receive their log ins together.


To access the class blog please go to Pupils, Home learning and follow the instructions on the page. Only logged in users will see the children’s posts, they will not be visible to members of the public. Teachers will approve posts before they appear on the class blog.


Your child might need some help using the blog to start with, particularly younger children, but older children will be able to use it independently once they are used to it. It is your decision if you would like your child to use the blog.


Home learning

We have had a number of requests from parents about the use of Zoom video conferencing to teach lessons throughout the school closure. Although Zoom is currently very popular, there have been a number of reported security concerns.


There are other video conferencing platforms available but there are many factors that schools must consider when using these including security, handling of data and GDPR compliance. We have carefully considered the use of video conferencing and have decided that this is not something we will be using at the moment. We will however, keep this decision under review.


Our staff are not trained to teach ‘virtually’ and they are not currently trained in using the technology.  Having participated in several virtual meetings recently, I recognise a number of challenges technical issues would present with a class of children. We are also aware that many of our children will not be able to access any live lessons putting them at a huge disadvantage to others in the class.


I understand that some parents are concerned about their child ‘falling behind’. Please try not to worry about this. Every child is in the same position at this time and every school is in the same position nationally.  When we reopen it is our job to assess where the children are in their learning and teach from that point, addressing any gaps in learning and providing necessary support. We will follow government and local authority guidance on how to continue teaching the curriculum.


It is most important right now that your child is happy. It is a difficult time; many are missing their friends and the routine of school. Try to build in a daily routine to support home learning but also try to spend time doing activities that promote positive mental health and well-being. Further information can be found on the new well-being page of our website which will be updated with resources throughout the closure https://www.didsburyroad.stockport.sch.uk/well-being/.


Please contact school if we can help or support in any way. 


Mrs Collins