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Thursday 21st May

Bon matin tout le monde

I hope you were able to enjoy the gorgeous sunshine yesterday - remember to put on suncream and wear a hat.

Please look in Maths week 5 for some extra investigations on fractions. It helps to use physical equipment so get those fruit bowls out! Also look at our science survey and find time over the half-term to carry it out (or today!). The more results the better.

It has been fantastic to see people starting to use the blog. It feels so good to be able to respond more directly to individuals and it is great if we can answer some of your queries or just see and hear about what you have been up to.

Keep practising your TTRS - remember you need 10 Studio sessions to advance up the board. Some have been in over 20 times - well done. Don't forget to practise your spellings and handwriting too, we all know how it feels going back into school after a break and being expected to hold a pencil!

Have a happy and productive day and look after those around you.

Wednesday 20th May 2020

Good morning everyone. What a lovely peaceful morning. I love to hear the birds singing.

Mr Chip's Wow Wednesday! Don't miss what's going on. Did you see the instant ice cream investigation? My teenagers are desperate to give it a go, I shall have to shop for the ingredients!

Luke it was lovely to see your photographs of your zoo and Harry what an impressive presentation on the Greeks! I really enjoyed reading your story Ruby! I really miss being by the sea. Times Table Rock Stars is getting really competitive and Wow! there are some fast times in the studio!


I'm starting to drift on my daily exercise and I need something to get me going again. I'm finding myself too busy and I need to make time for time out. I'm going to try a timetable of workouts for the week e.g. Joe Wicks, Boxercise, pilates, HIIT Yoga, a run, a cycle and a walk.  I think it is because my gorgeous local golf course is open again and I'm really missing the open space. I relied on it and I now have to create another routine, otherwise you are not going to recognise me when I get back to school because of all this cake I am eating! Do you need to change your routine a little? Sometimes a change is as good as a rest. Have a plan for the half term holidays. What do you want to do in your free time because I know you have been working really hard on our activities. Can't wait to see your work when you get back to school. Keep a little folder and you can show it all off when you return.

Whatever you do today, have fun, learn lots and make time for you. Be kind to those around you. I know I'm needing help from my children around the house because I am so busy at home just like your parents juggling work, teaching my children, cooking, cleaning, shopping. Make sure your parents and carers make time for themselves too. Spoil them a little!

Two days to go and have an amazing half term break! Let's hope the weather stays good so that we can enjoy the fresh air.

Miss you all 

Tuesday 19th May 2020

Good morning all! A drizzly day today  which my garden desperately needs. Have you checked in with the Great Science Share website and registered. There are fantastic ideas each week along a theme. This week is very much habitats and the outdoors. We are investigating the age of trees this week through calculating the circumference of tree trunks and we will be looking at the Mr Chips Wow Wednesday investigation. There are a range of activities to choose from for different ages so see what takes your fancy, everyone is inspired by different things. Think about any scientific questions you may have and you can upload them on the Great Science Share website. Another activity which looks great fun for all you budding street dancers out there is the Great Science Groove. They give a tutorial on the dance and ask you to create a short video, upload it so that it can be made into one video along with others so that science can be celebrated through dance and sign. Have fun whatever you are learning today!


Mental Well being is crucial to being happy and this week is Mental Health Awareness Week! The theme this year is 'Kindness'. For you and those around you see if you can make a difference by carrying out an act of kindness. Be sure to check in with yourselves and ask yourselves how you are feeling! Think about if you need to chat about anything, just like we would in circle times. Could you chat to someone at home and share how you are feeling? Could you talk to a friend on face time or Zoom? Please don't worry if you think something isn't worth talking about because whatever is on your mind is better shared. Thinking of you all and your families. Please see the link below for some ideas about helping mental well being.

Most importantly this week, be kind, be happy and be safe! 

Mrs Holmes and Mrs Fort 


Monday 18th May 2020

Hoping you have had a lovely weekend!

Happy Monday everyone and welcome to the last week of the half term. It seems to have flown since the Easter break. We are so proud of you for staying at home and keeping everyone safe and working so hard! Thank you for all your lovely photographs and work from last week and Thank you to Katie for the first entry on our Year 4 blog. Feel free to send any messages this week and share any work or photographs through the blog.

Your last week of home learning before the holidays. Start your day by energising yourself. Joe Wicks or some of the other ideas offered, and we know you will have lots of your own! Make sure you try and manage some English and Maths each morning just like we do at school and then choose from the topic areas in the afternoon.

Be sure to plan in choose and creative time because that is so important too.


Mental Wellbeing is crucial to being happy and this week is Mental Health Awareness Week! The theme this year is 'Kindness'. For you and those around you see if you can make a difference by carrying out an act of kindness. It might be making your parents and carers a bit of lunch. It might be emptying the dishwasher without being asked, it might be putting the bins out for tomorrows collection, or it might be simply making a point to be particularly kind, smiley and helpful to those around you. You will be surprised how good it makes you and those around you feel!

Most importantly this week, be kind, be happy and be safe! 

Mrs Holmes and Mrs Fort 

Friday 15th May

Komentari, Barev Dzez, Bongu, Halla

Welcome to another Friday - unfortunately the skies are not as blue as yesterday but the air does smell fresh.

On this day in 1936 Amy Johnson the American aviator landed in Croydon after a record breaking 4 days and 16 hours flight from South Africa - maybe you could find out more?

Did you know that the sun’s core is so hot that a piece of it the size of a pinhead would give off enough heat to kill a person 160 kilometres away.

I absolutely love finding out new weird and interesting facts'

We hope that you are still all coping well and getting through the work set in the best way that you can. Remember it is not always about a final piece of work on paper but about the processes you go through to get there. I hope you are all making use of the time to read as much as possible, make use of the on line resources too. I've moved on from Terry Pratchett to 'The Haunted Hotel' and a book about teaching maths! I'll be practising my TTRS today.


We hope you have all had a chance to watch the video made by all the staff at Didsbury Road Primary School to help keep you smiling! We had such fun putting it all together and we hope it makes you smile. Find it here https://didsbury.primarysite.media/ or by going to Pupils - Home Learning - Video Centre to watch “Keep smiling, Didsbury Road!”


We look forward to seeing you soon.


Be happy, be safe, be kind.

Mrs Holmes and Mrs Fort 

Thursday 14th May 2020

Tere, Hej, Ahoj, Ola

Good morning, it always helps me to write these when the sun is shinning -let's hope it stays this way. How are you getting on with the language detection?

It is, as always, fantastic to here from you all and to see what you have been up to. Mrs Holmes is not the only one with science in her kitchen. Emily has been investigating the properties of water. I am also grateful for the 'Positive News' program I received from some roving (social distancing) reporters in my class. Well done. Emilia, Charlotte, Emily and Lillian and Maali - great journalism, I'm sorry I can' share it on the website at the moment but I will work on it. 

Also it's been great seeing some of you battle each other on TTRS Rockslam- Matilda has been doing really well (she beat me!)

As a school we will keep you updated with any changes as soon as we can. Until then keep looking at your weekly maths and english tasks. Don't forget to look in the science and topic sections as we are adding new things all the time.

Enjoy the time you have together!

Wednesday 13th May 2020

Good morning everyone. We hope you had a fantastic day yesterday and managed to do some home learning, have some fun and maybe explore a new skill. 

Mrs Fort and I are so proud of you sitting tight, doing the right thing and keeping everyone safe. We know it isn't easy and you must have so many questions and be quite frustrated at times. Please just take this time with your family and enjoy as much quality time as you can alongside your learning.

My children had lots of questions yesterday, vented frustrations and I felt like I had been on an emotional roller coaster ride by the time it got to 6pm. Everyone seems brighter today and the sunshine helps! We are a little sad because our walks around the golf course have come to an end (as the golf course opens today) and we have really appreciated Heaton Moor Golf Club for allowing us to enjoy their land during lockdown. It has been an escape. I love the beautiful mature trees and the green space. We shall find a new space to walk and the change will probably do us all good!

On the subject of change and things new, have you tried anything new? We would love to hear about any new things you have been trying to learn. Sign language and playing the electric piano have featured in our household.

Knowing how much we love art in Year 4 - please look in the Art folder for a project linking science, geography and SMSC.

Have you seen the new Banksy picture that has appeared?


I really liked the note left by Banksy.

"Thanks for all you're doing. I hope this brightens the place up a bit, even if it’s only black and white."

I hope your day is brightened from seeing this. We are very fortunate to have our NHS.

Tuesday 12th May 2020

Good morning everyone. Hope you had a great day yesterday. It was lovely to catch up with some of your activities and photographs and see how you are all getting on. What a great achievement on your bike Ben!

We hope your learning went well yesterday and that you can build on that today. Mrs Potts would like to share some science news with you in the message below.


You may remember last year we took part in the Great Science Share, a national (now global) campaign to get children talking about science, generating scientific questions and sharing science with family members and the wider community. The GSS 2020 was launched last week and I encourage as many of you as possible to visit the website, register your interest and take part in as many activities as possible. Each week will be a new theme: last week was ‘Dawn Chorus’ and this week will be celebrating 200 years of the Royal Astronomical Society. Along with each theme will be an ‘inspirational idea’ for children to get involved with, a live lesson on Wednesday with Dr Chips, opportunities to ask real scientists questions and lots of resources linked to activities you can get involved in at home.


I will keep sharing information with you about this over the next few weeks as it all leads up to the final campaign day on 16th June….but for now, please register and start to get involved!



 We registered yesterday and it was an easy process and there are some great ideas to explore! My kitchen became a science lab yesterday afternoon investigating air resistance. Whatever you learn and explore today have fun! Keep updating us with your news, activities and photographs!


Be happy, be safe, be kind.

Mrs Holmes and Mrs Fort 

Monday 11th May 2020

Good morning everyone and I hope you enjoyed your long weekend. Welcome to another week of home learning. Remember to start your day with an energising activity. Remember Joe Wicks at 9am or one of the suggested activities in the PE section. I love the 10 minute boxing warm up and if you follow the You Tube channel there are other classes on there that the whole family can do, if you would like something a little longer.

I loved my walk yesterday, it was so blustery but it certainly blew the cobwebs away!

Remember to look in the English and Maths links first and then choose one other that you may fit in to your day. BBC Bitesize offers some good alternatives.

Remember to stay safe whilst you are out and about. There are no changes to the government guidelines apart from that we can be out of the house for a little longer enjoying some time with the people in our house.

Enjoy your time at home whilst you have it. Attempt some things that you don't get chance to do when you are at school. Have a lovely day!


Thursday 7th May 2020

Ciao, Hej, Bok, Salve

I hope another bright and sunny morning finds you all well.

How many of the greetings above do you recognise (before you start Googling it) ? My favourite at the moment is the Croatian. Just saying hello or good morning to someone across the road or 2 metres away can be very powerful. Add a smile and their whole day can change. Keep thinking about those little acts of kindness over the Bank Holiday weekend.

Talking of the VE Day remembrance holiday, I know there will be many programmes on that will tell you about the reasons for the day but I have added some links into the history section as well.

Please keep checking for new items in all of the sections or for things you may have missed previously. Also remember the links to Oak Academy, BBC Schools and Espresso where you can find further work on areas we are covering or new things to look at that interest you. Use the fine weather to make the most of looking at the habitats around you for science. I have been amazed at the variety in my own garden now I have more time to look. I have also been fascinated by the daily habits of our cat! Please look in Science for further ideas.

Finally for my class, 4F, I have been trying to record the end of 'The Wizards of Once'. I'm sure a lot of you will have read it by now. I have had to do it as sound files but in smaller blocks as I'm struggling to upload the file size. Feel free to let me know if it works! there may be teething problems. See link below.

Be happy, be safe, be kind.

Mrs Holmes and Mrs Fort 

Wednesday 6th May 2020

Good morning everyone! What a gorgeous start to the day seeing the sunshine, it really lifts my spirits and reminds me that I really need to get more fresh air and sun today and enjoy the flexibility of the day. My family are working so hard on their home learning, including me, I need to remind myself that times are a little bit different at the moment and sometimes we just need to take time to be together, chat, cuddle and be happy. My family chat more when we are out on our walks, especially the teenagers in my house, so it's important to have that quality time together. Keep talking about your feelings children, just like we do in circle up time!


Sometimes, doing things for others can make you feel really good. Acts of kindness make people feel happy and can make you happy too. The Meaningful May Challenge or the Ramadan Acts of Kindness (links below) are a lovely prompt to give you ideas of great ways to achieve this. Give it a go, you will be surprised how it lifts your spirits.


I'm looking forward to you being able to chat to me on the blog, updating me on what you have been doing, what book you are reading, what films you have seen, tell me your new joke... the list is endless. Mrs Fort and I look forward to hearing from you! Details of how to log in will be with you over the next couple of weeks.


Have a great day everyone. It's my daughters birthday tomorrow so we are having a completely different day to what we would usually. I want her to remember this day in years to come so that she can tell the story of her birthday in 2020. If you are celebrating your birthday this week, make it a good one and have fun!

Big hugs to you all, missing you!

Tuesday 5th May 2020

Good morning everyone. We hope you had a lovely day yesterday and feel that you achieved something new. Welcome to another day of home learning. Plan your day! Make sure it's a good one! Thank you to those who got in touch yesterday, it is lovely to catch up with what you are doing. Thomas you did make me giggle with the sneaky slide in your power point. It was a brilliant sketch!


We shall soon be blogging and you will be able to send us messages, photos etc. and ask any questions you may have. Look out for your log in and pass word being sent out by Mrs Darrington.


Mrs Norbury wants to really highlight the singing event taking place very soon. This message is from her;


The remaining learning videos for the GM Hub Singing Challenge song, Dippy’s Explorers have been uploaded. We would like as many people as possible to learn the song and to sing it on Tuesday 19th May at 2.15 pm. The videos can be found in the same playlist as the song on our YouTube Channel: 



Have a fantastic day!

Mrs Holmes and Mrs Fort 

Monday 4th May 2020

Good morning children, parents and carers. What a gorgeous day!

Your home learning links have been loaded into the different subjects and we hope you enjoy them. The activities are there to support you as they relate to what we would have been doing in school. Do what you can.  Please don't worry if you don't manage everything, everyone works at a different pace and needs to spend more time on different things. Starting your day with a bit of fitness gets you in the right mood and helps to motivate you. Remember it is a 4 day week this week and many families will be having stay at home celebrations on Friday. Do you know why celebrations will take place on Friday? If not, try and find out!


Mrs Norbury would love you to check out the Sing Sing Sing section in our music link and Mrs Wild recommends these indoor activities from the NHS Change for life team.


A big happy birthday to anyone celebrating their birthday this week, we hope you have a wonderful day!


We know you will be missing socialising and your friends so make sure you keep in touch, maybe a phone call or face time to say hi. When we are out and about please make sure you are following the social distancing rules as we want you all to keep very safe and well!


Most of all children, be happy and well. It's important to have fun in your day and try and enjoy some fresh air with your families! Be kind!

Mrs Holmes and Mrs Fort

Friday 1st May

Bonjour, Hola, Ola, Ciao, Witaj

 I can't believe it is the first of May already! I know the weather isn't wonderful at the moment - bouncing hailstones yesterday- but hopefully you can still get outside for some time today. It has been lovely to hear about the new skills some of you have been taking on. I am keen to know how Emilia in my class has been getting on learning Polish and, if like Emily, you fancy learning Spanish, there are activities on the Oak National Academy website. I'm really excited as I've finally got new strings for my acoustic guitar so hopefully I can improve my skills.

Please keep checking each of the curriculum areas for new activities and ideas - there is a new maths time activity to finish the week (different versions so pick your challenge 1 chili being the mildest!). Don't forget your TTRS each day - I'm getting a little fixated with practising as I keep getting certain ones wrong under pressure. 

Here is a link to a website to help you and your family with finding strategies to cope during these times, remember to keep talking to each other and be supportive. https://www.partnershipforchildren.org.uk/what-we-do/childrens-wellbeing-activities-for-teaching-staff-and-families.html

Have a great weekend everyone.

Wednesday 29th April 2020

Good morning Year 4 and your parents and carers. The weather forecast isn't so great today so you might not be able to spend quite so much time outdoors as you would like. Take this opportunity to do things that you don't do on the sunny days, play a board game, watch a film as a family, baking. We shall be making soup for lunch today with what is left out of our weekly veg box. Squash, sweet potato, carrots, garlic, onion add a little veg stock and water, blend it all down and soup for lunch!

I want to give a big shout out to anyone who has celebrated their birthday during our time at home so far! In my class Wylan I hope you had a great day! There are a few coming up in May including my daughter next week. Make your day special, tell your family what you would like to do with your day. You deserve to have a really happy day so fill it with fun things!

In the Art link I have uploaded Mrs Johnson's May Art Challenge. It's all about having fun and being creative.

Have a wonderful day and rest of your week children. Mrs Fort will be messaging you on Thursday and Friday.

Remember to start your day with some energising activity. Mine was walking Tala and an online HIIT yoga session. I need to do as much as I can children as there is far too much baking going on in my house. My son is an amazing cook and baker, but it is no good for the waistline!

Have fun and be happy!


Mrs Holmes

 Mrs Fort

Tuesday 28th April 2020

Good morning Year 4 we hope you had a good day yesterday. I had fun examining flowers and debating issues with my children. My son baked for his food tech lesson so I had some lovely scones to eat after my tea. It's important to have variety in your day so make sure you split your day into little chunks of activity and this will keep you motivated. In the English section under Reading I have put a link that takes you to the Book of Hope which is a  lovely book that has been inspired by our current situation. It is a book that hopefully will offer comfort to those of you who are a little worried or anxious about not being at school and not being able to go about our usual day to day activities. It offers some discussion points worth exploring for your well being with your parents and carers, so please take a look.

Also in the PE section is your PE passport which is a link directing you to some activities and videos that you might find a good alternative to add to your day. Remember you and your brain need energising so it's a good way to start your day. I'm starting mine with a cleaning work out ! So not much fun for me!  Have a great day children. We miss you lots so keep sending us your messages and photos as it is lovely to see what you are up to.

Mrs Holmes

 Mrs Fort

Monday 27th April 2020

Good morning our gorgeous Year 4 children. Having worked and played hard last week we hope you have had a lovely weekend, winding down and recharging with your family. What a gorgeous weekend it has been too, enjoy the weather whilst it lasts. Don't forget your sunscreen!

I have walked the dog and done some online HIIT yoga to start my day as I needed energising! What are you going to do today that will keep your body and mind fit and healthy? There are lots of ideas in our PE section or you might have some great ideas yourself.

This week we are completing our persuasive leaflet and there are some reading activity links related to Please Mrs Butler by Allan Ahlberg. Don't forget the BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons offer and White Rose Daily Lessons in the Maths link will have lessons on what we would have been studying in school as well as the activities provided by Mrs Fort. Remember the aim is to try and do some English and Maths each day and a topic. We have updated all the topic areas for you to have a look at.

Well done to those children who are really going for it on TTRS, Nessy and Dance Mat.

The reading links are really great and I know we can't travel at the moment but books take you to all sorts of places!

Have a fab day wherever it takes you and keep us in touch with all that you are doing. Any photos and documents have been uploaded to our Home Learning Photos link 

Mrs Holmes

Mrs Fort

Friday 24th April

Ramadan Mubarak


I hope you are all well and  keeping busy, how many of you have played the science 20 questions game? Thank you to those who have sent examples of their work, it is really great to see it. Start thinking about which animal you would love to share a presentation on. Mrs Holmes and I Iook forward to having more contact with you when the class blogs come on line properly. I'm interested to find out what everyone has been reading, remember there are many websites that give you access to audio books if you run out!

Please also have a look at Miss James' new Forest Schools page which you can find through the Pupils menu.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs Holmes

Mrs Fort

Thursday 23rd April


I hope everyone is well and being kind to everyone around them. Remember everyone needs help and support and even the smallest of acts can mean a lot.

Today is traditionally celebrated as St George's Day in England and other countries around the world. A rather strange patron saint for England as he was neither English nor spent time in this country! He is said to have been born around 280 AD in Turkey and became a member of the Roman Army. He saved a town from a yearly ritual of sacrifice to a dragon and brought the message of Christianity to many places. He was executed for his religious beliefs on 23rd April 303 AD.

I hope you are all managing to maintain some sort of pattern to your day - it really helps. Make sure you look at some maths, english and topic/science each day, I have seen some excellent work already for our new science topic. Find something that interests you and investigate it, we will be looking at sharing fact files on different animals in coming weeks. Remember to use TTRS regularly - we currently have 8 children in 4F on 'rock' status and 4 in 4HB, let's see if we can increase that. 

I don't know if any of you have been allowed to stay up but I did see a little of the meteor shower at about 3 am Wednesday. I have also been watching the lines of star-link satellites passing over the last few nights- amazing!

Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Good morning Year 4. Welcome to Wednesday. It's gorgeous outside but very chilly so wrap up if you are off on an early morning walk or bike ride. Mrs Fort and I are so proud of you staying at home and doing the right thing for our NHS and key workers. If we follow distancing measures we shall be back to school before you know it. It is not an easy task as we know you will be missing friends and family and just the freedom to do the activities that you would normally do. This is why it is important to have some sort of routine and to keep yourself busy! Take the opportunity to do things that you wouldn't usually get to do in your usually busy lives. To be honest I love the early morning and late evening walks. It is so peaceful. My son is studying photography and it used to be a hobby of mine so I have been enjoying taking photographs of our community and spaces with him. Things that I want to try and do over the next few weeks are; bake a chocolate cake, write a poem, paint a picture, update my music, contact my university friends that I have lost touch with, make sure I've checked in with all my friends and family to see if they are ok, tidy the garage, watch a film each week, read more, the list could go on.

Hopefully you will have established a routine this week because you will achieve so much more in your days. Try not to waste time, do the things you love and get involved with your online activities below. Remember to explore BBCBitesize, National Oak Academy and Oddizzi as some of the resources will really support your learning. Some of the lessons and videos are really good. Thank you to all the children that got in touch yesterday. It is lovely to hear from you, your parents and carers and see your photographs and what you have been getting up to at home and in your learning.

Have a wonderful day Year 4!

Tuesday 21st April 2020

Good morning gorgeous Year 4 children the sun is shining already today and it's only 7am! What a busy morning I've had already. I have taken Tala for her morning run, cleaned the kitchen, mopped the floors and just woken the children up to start their day! Phew! How will you start your day? It's hard getting out of bed sometimes, but I find if I start my day early and get active then I seem to have a better day and achieve so much more!

So how will you start your day children? Joe Wicks? One of the sporting challenges  listed in the 'Physical Activity'? Make sure you get energised for your day.  My daughter and I started our day off yesterday on the trampoline and had a bit of a skills contest. Can you guess who won? We are really lucky to have one in our garden but it is quite old and by the end of the summer I don't think there will be any bounce left in it! I think it will be a 9am Joe Wicks work out this morning then I'm excited to find out (with my daughter) what happens next in the story that Year 5 are studying. Try and make sure you are visiting your Maths and English each day and then some 'Topic'. Daily TTRS is looking good and well done those children keeping up with Nessy and Dance Mat! Let us know what good books you are reading and we can post any recommendations on here. 4HB I need to see some more photographs of you! 4F well done and keep the photographs coming!

Have a fabulous day and have fun!

Mrs Holmes

 Mrs Fort

Monday 20th April 2020

Good morning Year 4 and welcome back. It's great to take time out of work and have time to recharge our batteries. Usually you would be telling us about your time off and what you have been up to and where you have been. We know you won't have been far but I'm sure you all have news to tell us and each other. Feel free to write us a note or a letter, take a photograph of it and send it to the admin email. We would love to hear your news, what you have been up to and about your experience through this very unusual time for us. Mrs Fort and I are missing you lots and I know you will be missing each other so it would be lovely to hear from you. I am enjoying spending time with my family and now it's back to the challenge of working and supporting my children with their learning. It's a juggle and a routine is good, some new learning each day and some fitness and fresh air each day is important! Supporting each other as a family is really important because we know your parents and carers are really busy too!


Well a new term Year 4! Mrs Fort and I will be posting activities each week that relate to what we would have been doing in school and we hope that you will enjoy your new learning. 

Have a lovely day 

Mrs Holmes

Mrs Fort


Plus all our essential care workers - thank you

vendredi 3 avril

Comment vas-tu aujourd'hui?

 I hope you all feel this week has been productive. Take a moment today to think about what new things you have learnt or done over the last 7 days. What are you most proud of? What has made you really happy? Who do you need to thank for helping you?  I am really proud of you all and I know your parents are doing a fantastic job.

This is officially the last day of the Spring Term and we will be taking our scheduled two week Easter Holiday. This doesn't mean the fun learning has to stop but I hope you will be able to take lots of time to be with and talk to family members - I know a lot of people who have been taking part in on-line family quiz nights. 

 A quick brain teaser to start the holiday:

Some bacteria in a bowl divide themselves every minute into two equal parts that are the same size as the original bacteria, and which also divide the next minute and so on. The bowl in which this occurring is full at 12 pm.

When was it half full?

I know at least one person in my class (4F) who has the answer! 

Well done Emily - right answer


New messages and new topics will be arriving after the holidays. Keep safe everyone.


jeudi avril 2

Bonjour tout le monde. comment-allez vous?

I hope you managed to get some great April Fool's in before 12 o'clock. 

Remember Thursday is singing and music so make sure you get some practise and because it is officially on the timetable for today the family will have to allow it - sorry parents!

As we get more used to this way of working we will be gradually changing parts of our front page so keep checking in and look for new links and ideas. Once we have highlighted them for the week they will be placed in appropriate folders but if you have any problems you can always contact the office for help.

It has been great to receive pictures of your home learning, we really appreciate it just as we appreciate all the hard work you are doing at home to keep those grey cells busy.

Barbarella, Scarlett and myself have been trying to keep up with Joe Wicks, we are a few days behind and do it in the evening in the back garden, I have to say we spend much of the time exercising our laughter muscles! It was lovely to see some familiar faces taking part in Heaton Mersey Lacrosse Club's toilet roll challenge - keep practising.

Wednesday 1st April

Good morning Year 4 and Happy April Fools

I trust some of you have played some tricks on each other at home! Let us know any April Fools that your family fell for!


It has been lovely to receive some photographs from you of your time at home. Remember if your family don't want a picture of you on the website they can always send us a picture via the admin email of an activity you have done or something you have created without you in it! We would love to see some of your Lego creations or STEM projects.


Mrs Johnson has introduced an April Art Challenge which looks like great fun. The document is below but also in our Topic link at the bottom of the page in case you don't get chance to start it today. It would be a great idea to add your challenge each day to a sketch book so that you can show it off on your return to school or send us a photo of some of your pieces.


Also new below is the Oddizzi Website log in details. This is a fantastic geography resource. We have had great fun in class exploring this website, it's fantastic so please have a look at it at home. Share the sections on mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes with your family and show them some of the amazing videos we have been learning from. We are also putting a weekly activity pack in the 'Topic' area below.


There is also another STEM challenge from a reputable company. I shall put the link below too. You will need adult permission and help as there is a bit of communication via twitter. Have fun!


You can still keep in touch via the office on the admin email on the website.

Have a great day, missing you lots

Tuesday 31st March

Good morning to the last day of March everyone! Wow, time seems to have travelled fast since February half term. Bit of a wet day today, April showers have arrived but we can have fun no matter the weather. When you go out in the fresh air today remember to put your face to the sky and enjoy those cool raindrops. Wrap up warm, waterproofs on and enjoy. You could do your daily fitness outside today!

Remember when we were doing our poetry and we just took time to listen to the sounds around us, smell the smells, touch and feel things around us. It's great to take in our surroundings. Play our word class game with your parents and carers. Pick a noun, adjective it, verb it and then adverb it! You can show off how amazing you are at creating great descriptive sentences, Can you teach them what similes and metaphors are or even put your noun into a personified sentence?

I was thinking last night that I don't want to forget all the lovely things we are doing at home. Sometimes its great to be able to recall and reflect on memories. When I was your age I started to keep diaries, nothing too detailed, but I could just look back at what I'd done and sometimes at what my thoughts and feelings were. For our wellbeing its important to keep fit and healthy, but also to keep talking to those around us about how we are feeling. Our circle times have been so important this year because we get a chance to talk about our feelings. Make sure you make time to talk children or to perhaps keep a diary when you feel you just want to say something. Keep in touch with your friends as much as you can.

Whilst we have this unusual time at home and the half term fast approaches, wouldn't it be great to challenge ourselves to learn something new! In years to come we could say what we achieved. I know someone already that is teaching themselves to play the guitar through youtube and another that is learning another language. What has been great on the TV recently is that all the news reports have been signed and it made me think about how good some of you are at signing. I have added the link below of the British Signing website if this is the challenge for you!


Have a great day everyone! Mrs Fort and I are so proud of you for playing your part in keeping everyone safe!


You can still keep in touch via the office on the admin email on the website.

Have a great day

Mrs Holmes and Mrs Fort 

Monday 30th March

Good morning Year 4, we hope you have had a fabulous weekend! Usually we know that you are so busy dashing around taking part in sports and clubs but I have enjoyed slowing down a little and really spending time with my family. Cooking, baking, playing in the garden, playing games, watching films, taking Tala for a walk. Spring has finally arrived, the clocks went forward and the evenings will get a little lighter from now.


Think about how you are going to kick start your day. Have a hearty healthy breakfast and then liven up with Joe Wicks or use an App that you may have on your tablet. I like the yoga or pilates Apps and I love the 7 minute workout Apps because you can repeat rounds as many times as you want. Remember to get some fresh air too!


On another note, I hope you managed to write some amazing escape stories! Don't worry if you haven't quite finished, you could continue and illustrate this week. How about sharing 'Escape from Pompeii' with your family, and the story of Tranio and Liv. In the English section you will find the PDF story version and Powerpoint images to share too. I bet you can tell the story much better than the video clip!


Have a great day Year 4! Mrs Fort and I are so proud of you for playing your part in keeping everyone safe!


You can still keep in touch via the office on the admin email on the website.

Have a great day

Mrs Holmes and Mrs Fort