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Preparing for Nursery

'Holding a pebble in our hands connects us to an inclusive universe, to the continuous recycling, reshaping, making and reforming of the Earth’s surface.'

Before you return to school
Re-establish bedtime and wake up times with your child, as these may have changed during lockdown. Think about dressing, as if for school, set out the clothes together so they are ready.

Try leaving the house at a set time, as a practice for the school run.

Look for a pebble on one of the walks. Have a go at painting a pebble together with acrylic paint (if you do not have acrylic paint you can use children's paints). This will be a special item, you can choose any stone and any design. Make sure it's fully dry before handling. This pebble can live in your child's coat pocket or on their bedside until it is time to go to Nursery.

Use count downs to move from one activity to the next 'we are leaving in 5 mins, 4 mins, 3 mins, 2 mins, 1 min'.
Use positive language and label emotions e.g. you look worried, excited or nervous.

Walk ( eventually to school) activities;
When walking (and eventually to school) with your child have a go at observing 3 natural things, talk about them with your child and remember them. Tell your family and friends ( and eventually us in Nursery) what you have spotted when you get home . During your walks talk to your child about how they are feeling, you can then do this to and from Nursery.
e.g. I am looking forward to seeing friends, I am excited, I will miss my parents, I am worried, I can't wait to see my teacher.

Discuss activities of the Nursery day e.g. registration, snack-time, lunch, what they want to play with, home time.
On your walks use the chalks on the pavement to draw a smiley face, name a plant or tree. You can do this on your way to Nursery eventually.  Your friends will be able to see what you have done!
When you arrive at Nursery take the pebble from your child and explain that this is a special reminder of them that you will keep by you all day and give back to them at home-time. It will provide security and comfort to your child when you are apart. If you do not have a pebble you can use a special item from home.

We will have special pebbles in Nursery that they can hold if they are feeling homesick- they will remind them that you are waiting, holding them in your hearts until home-time.

Be aware of social distancing measure between you and other families.