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Spelling Homework

Spelling Homework

Every week your teachers will upload your spelling homework to this section of the website for you to learn at home ready for the following week.

Homework will be uploaded every Monday and the children will be quizzed on their spellings the following Monday!

Don't forget you can play games to help learn your spellings like bingo, word hunts, "Kim's game" and more!

Happy Spelling!

Your child will have brought home a slip telling them which set of words to learn. Either 1,2 or 3 stars



Please learn by the 19th July 2021.smiley

Spellings- High Frequency and Tricky Words. Please learn for Monday 12th July 2021.smiley

Summer 2: Spelling week 3. Learn for Monday 5th July.

HFW and tricky words.

NB: The children may well have previously had these spelling words. They have been identified as words we would like to retest them on. Many thanks, Year One Teachers. 

Summer 2- Week 2. Learn by Monday 28th June 2021

Summer 2. Week 1 to learn for Monday 21st June.

Week 6 to learn for 24.5.21

Week 5 10.5.21 to learn for 17.5.21

26.4.21 to learn for Tuesday 4.5.21

12.4.21 to learn for Monday 19.4.21