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Spring 1 Term

Week commencing 23rd January 2023

* We learnt about Chinese New Year and how it all began with a race. We also learnt how it is celebrated in the home? Can the children tell you about what they know about this festival?

* We practised our cutting skills by making a Chinese Lantern. Can you support your child with their cutting skills?

* We did some guided painting  and learnt how to paint different parts of a penguin with lots of detail. Can they explore their painting skills at home too?

* We were being imaginative in the construction areas, and made beautiful habitats for the polar bears, penguins and seals using pebbles, bricks, fabric and glittery foamy pieces. We made up some lovely stories with our teachers.

* We explored heavy and light items and looked at how measuring scales helps us to find out which items are heavier and lighter.

* We also had a super time in the Chinese New Year house with lots of chinese bowls, chopsticks and spoons and we were able to practise our skills at using chopsticks in class. Can your child use chopsticks at home?

* We made beautiful dragons with playdough with feathers, eyes, beads and sticks. We also practised writing in Chinese and did some lovely scooping, pouring and mixing with chinese rice and beads.








Week Commencing 16th January 2023

The children have been learning about Penguins. They loved learning the fun facts about what penguins do in Antartica...they especially loved watching the video of the how a penguin had a narrow escape from being eaten by the leopard seal...it was very exciting and tense! The children created some beautiful 'melted snowmen' by mixing shaving foam and glue to create a 3D effect of a snowman melting and his eyes and buttons sliding off ( photos of these will be up soon). We then did some super writing of why our snowman melted...the funniest one we had was because 'his bottom touched the radiator!". The children also explored the winter maths shelves and practised repeating colours to decorate a scarf, how to match snowflakes with magnifying glasses and matching snowmen shapes of different sizes. We also did some cute little drawings of polar bears using chalk and blending this with our fingers. We did lots more PSED lessons with our colour drops characters... great discussions and ideas were discussed. The children were also introduced to MR MUDDLE, our maths hedgehog, who just gets all mixed up with the counting... and the children were amazing at helping him to count. We practised our writing skills by decorating some winter mittens, lots of lines and shapes were practised this week. We are also working hard on developing our drawing skills, we practised how to draw ourselves in detail and we did a grand job too! The children also did a fantastic exploration of floating and sinking objects and we investigated why do things flaot and sink and we tested our theories in the class with a large water tub. We also practised prepositions with our dolls house furniture, and Mrs Kaur was super impressed how we could place teddy in different places using the words 'over, under, in between, next to, on and in'. The children are super clever! .. must be because they have a super teacher....hehehe! 


Week Commencing 9th January 2023

What a great first week back from the Christmas holidays! I hope all the children had a lovely break, I had lots fun! This term we are learning about Winter. The children have been exploring what winter means and what it looks like. The children were introduced to all the different new areas in the classroom. They had lots of fun playing in the Winter house.  They loved making sand ice cream with toppings in the sand area, making snowmen on the making table, playing with polar bears and penguins in the water area and much more. It has been a busy week as we have introduced our new PSED scheme by 1Decision. This scheme looks at developing children’s understanding on their Personal, Social and Emotional Development skills through fun characters based on colour drops and stories. The children have absolutely loved it and were super at discussing what is the right and wrong thing to do! This week the children learned about blue drop and how she needs to learn to share and the children discussed different scenarios at were able to sort them. We also discussed how Pink drop was feeling sad and how we could make him feel better. The children were also played the Roll a Snowman game and learnt how to roll a dice to build a snowman through number recognition and following instructions. Perhaps you could play a game with a dice at home? We also looked at Monster phonics character Green Froggy A and Brown owl looking how loud and quiet sounds, as well as being introduced to some letters! The children also welcomed our new January children, and were super at being kind and helpful to them. Don’t forget to check out the gallery section on the website, I have uploaded Christmas in nursery photos and the Christmas Party photos too! Thank you again for all the wonderful gifts parents! Mrs Kaur x