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Thursday 11th February




Start your day with our 3 mindful m's - yoga sequence 2: mountain, star, volcano, sun, mountain; mindful breathing: sunshine breathing after your yoga and hi 5 finger breathing; and finally repeat your affirmation three times:

I am grateful

Think about what you are grateful for... there are so many things.  Recognising what we are have to be grateful for makes us feel more positive about our lives, especially if we are not having a good day.  Today write a list of all the things you are grateful for - why not use a different colour for each thing or person? Stick it up somewhere to remind yourself of all the things that are great in your life and add to it every time you think of something new. 



Listen to Mrs Hodgson’s daily read of George’s Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl as this will help you with your English lesson today. Chapter 9, 10 and 11.


Today, we are going to create our very own ‘Marvellous Medicine’. You are going to write us a set of instructions telling us what will be in your medicine and how you plan to make it! The weirder and disgusting, the better! Watch this link first, of Dick and Dom making their mixture to give you some ideas and to recap the first part of George making the medicine.

First, start by opening the PowerPoint on instructional writing or watch Mrs Hodgson’s video explaining how to write a good set of instructions. Remember to try and include alliteration in your medicine title, for example Mrs Hodgson’s… Magical Mixture, Fizzing, Fizz Pop or Bubbling Broth. Then write down a list of what you need, for example, 4 slimy slugs, a jug of dirty dish water, 1 tin of dog food etc… and then write your set of instructions, remembering to include time words at the beginning of your sentences, followed by an imperative verb.

For example, First, throw the 4 slimy slugs into the mixing bowl and squish with a fork. See if you can get two imperative verbs in one sentence using a conjunction such as, and, just like Mrs Hodgson.


You can finish the story of George’s Marvellous Medicine, chapter 12, 13, 14 and 15, now or listen to that first thing tomorrow. Tomorrow’s lesson won’t be on George’s Marvellous Medicine but you can finish the story tomorrow if you wish. You decide.



Begin today's lesson by completing the recap on finding a third worksheet attached if you feel you need a little more practise on the work we were doing yesterday. 

Once you have completed this recap or if you feel you don't need to recap finding a third, complete the problem solving with fractions worksheet attached below. Try to complete as much of the worksheet as independently as possible but if there are questions you are finding tricky to answer leave them out until Miss Balfe goes over the answers and discusses how to work out each answer in her video. 

Then watch Miss Balfe's video where she will go through the answers to the questions from the worksheet.


For the next part of your maths lesson you will just need paper and a pencil - there is no worksheet. 

Continue to play Miss Balfe's video and pause at each question whilst you have a go at working out the answer. Resume the video when you are ready to look over the answer. 

There are a lot of problem solving questions which is why the video is quite long but feel free to do as many or as few as possible. You don't have to do them all. Unless of course you want to! laughyes



Our final science lesson is all about inventors of materials.  We are going to learn in Mrs Graham's video lesson all about three Scottish inventors.  What is an inventor?  It is someone who discovers a problem and tries to solve it by making something that no one else has done before.  They ask lots of questions, experiment and keep trying different methods before being successful. Mrs Graham goes through one inventor on her video and introduces to others. There are interactive, information PowerPoints below with more information about the other two inventors we are looking at today. 


Updated: Afterwards you will have two tasks to complete: 

(Choose either task 1 or task 2 and complete task 3)

1.  The fact file about John McAdam who invented a firm and smooth road surface. 

2. Draw out each invention and label it with the correct materials and properties like in Mrs Hodgson's video. You can then add a sentence about how the invention was created! (Mrs Hodgson's second video as I pressed stopped instead of pause... silly me!) 

3.  A materials end of topic quiz.


Getting Active

Have you joined Joe Wicks this week?  Shake out those muscles. Here is the link to his youtube channel.