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Thursday 15th July 2021

9.30-10.30 Live Lesson: We will be reading a poem together to check our awareness of rhythm first, then visit maths and touch on science before finally focusing on English: SPAG possessive apostrophes and using speaking and listening to find out more about Malala. Tomorrow's English lesson will follow on from today's live lesson and a video with Mrs Graham will explain more on Friday's page. 


11.00-12.00: Maths: First of all watch the White Rose video here.  Next, play Fruit Splat here which is a differentiated addition and subtraction calculation game - why not start easy and build up as you get better.  Play this each day please.  The more you play, the quicker you will get.  If you pick the SLOW option, you can use a number line or hundred square to help.  You could even write down the calculation and partition into tens and ones.  There is no worksheet today as this could take you a while!   


1.00-1.45 Reading Comprehension: If you have a poetry book, enjoy reading some poems for a while. Can you make your poem sound rhythmic?  You could listen to the CBBC poems that we listened to a few weeks ago here to see how poems should be read. What was the main theme of each poem?  What was it about? 


Next choose one of the poetry comprehensions below.  You could do all if you wish.  The last poem has two sets of questions - the first set easier and the second one harder.  Read the poems and answer the questions. 


2.00-3.00 Science: For science today, I would like you to complete the end of unit task first - I know you have already done the first page, but it won't do any harm to do it again now you know more. 


Next you are going to design a microhabitat - A bug hotel. If you able to, you could check out your ideas with your parents and make the bug hotel over the next few days.   I have added some images (attachment below) and videos for you to look at for ideas: video 1 For this one you will need a large plastic bottle. You will need an adult to help cut the plastic bottle. video 2 This is similar to the first one but doesn't require a plastic bottle and goes on the ground.  video 3 This one uses a box instead. I can't wait to see what you create!


3.15-3.30 Listen to Michael Rosen telling his poem Chocolate Cake here and Sound Collector Poem by Roger McGough here.  Which one did you like best?  How are they different? Similar?