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Thursday 21st January

Mindful Moments

Start the morning by practising our 3 mindful m's - yoga sequence 1, 5 finger breathing and the affirmation - I am confident.  Sometimes you might not feel confident.  Saying you are confident often, will help change the way you think about yourself and how you react to scary situations. See what you can achieve.  



Today, we are going to start planning a story based on one of David Walliams books, Ratburger! Open the David Walliams PowerPoint to have a look at some of his books or watch Mrs Hodgson’s videos (there is part 1 and part 2, watch part 1 first and then part 2) on the video centre where she will go through the PowerPoint, show you a weblink that you might like to use and talk you through today’s lesson.

Do you know he is an author, is a judge on BGT and became famous through comedy? He does all of this as well as the amazing charity work which we learnt about on Tuesday.

Firstly, we will read an extract of Ratburger together on the video and then discuss ideas for continuing the story. Next, we will introduce some of the characters from the book which you may want to add to your story too and then I will talk you through your planning story mountain, just like the ones we use at school. So today, you will plan out your story so that you are ready to begin writing your story tomorrow.

The weblink that you might find useful for today and tomorrow’s lessons is: click here

You will see, ‘meet the characters, watch and listen’ tabs, scroll down for those. Meet the characters will help you add more characters to your story but you can also add your own if you want to as it is your version of Ratburger. You can also watch a clip from the premier of Ratburger and you can also listen to David Walliams reading an extract from his book (7 minutes, 44 seconds) This might also help you when thinking about the middle or the ending of your story.



If you have been working on quarter to and quarter past times this week, we are going to begin to have a little look at telling the time in 5 minute intervals today and tomorrow. Begin by watching Miss Balfe's video on the video centre from Tuesday of this week (Maths - Tuesday 19th January Telling the time: 5 minute intervals) 

Then complete the worksheet below (Word document). Remember you can always re-watch parts of Miss Balfe's video to help you complete the worksheet. 

If you feel you would like to spend a little longer on quarter to and quarter past before moving on then that is absolutely fine. Instead of watching the video on 5 minute intervals, complete the additional White Rose quarter to and quarter past worksheet attached. 


If you have been working on telling the time in 5 minute intervals this week, begin your maths job by completing the first quiz, watching the National Oak Academy video here and then completing the final quiz. 

Make sure you know how to pause and resume the video as there are questions for you to answer within the video. Once you have completed this, have a go at the word problem and challenge cards attached below (PDF documents). The answers have been attached so you are able to see how you have done but remember no peeking at these until you have completed the questions wink



We are going to find out more about Judaism and what it means to be a Jewish by watching the video narrated by Mrs Graham where you will find out about special Jewish artefacts and about people who are important to them. Click here to watch the video, where Mrs Graham will explain about your activity for today (see resources below).  

Next watch the video called 'Life as a Jewish Child' to find out a Jewish family home - click here.

Finally, use Mrs Graham's instructions to match the Jewish artefact with a description.  


Getting Active

Have to tried PE with Joe Wicks yet this week?  It is only 20 minutes long.  Here is a link to his youtube channel.