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Today's English lesson is in honour of World Book Day. It is a masterclass delivered by the amazing Derek Landy who wrote the books series Skulduggery Pleasant. He's a great author and interesting to listen to as well. He is delivering a session on creating characters that are believable people. Sometimes we describe them as 3D characters which means they have lots of different traits in their personality. They aren't all good or all bad. Have a listen and then we are going to look at his extract and consider some questions before we create a character of our own in answer to his writing challenge. Which small aspects of your own personality will the character have? Will they be terrified of spiders or mad about comic books? Will they be musical or will they love a particular sport. Are they outgoing and extrovert or shy and quiet? You decide and tell us about them. Pictures would be great too. 

Questions on the extract

An additional World book day activity


Publishers frequently change book covers to give books that have been around a while a new fresh feel. Choose a book you have enjoyed and know well and design a new cover for it. Think about including main characters  or exciting events in the story