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Thursday 21st May

Thursday 21st May


I hope you are enjoying all of the learning suggestions, don’t forget you can email on admin@didsburyroad.stockport.sch.uk if you have any further questions or want to let us know what you are doing!

You can also visit our CLASS BLOG; follow Pupils-Home Learning-Class Blogs-N2, which has gone live this morning. You can register and create an avatar. Read and answer posts from me or submit your own posts. We can have a conversation! I cannot wait to hear from you all.

Preparing your children to come back into school must seem daunting, don’t forget to check all the resources collected here on the Nursery page. ‘Child Friendly Covid Info’ updated regularly, I have included a new book today and the ‘Family Support’ stuff has more guidance.

We usually take part in Outdoor Classroom Day, this year they have had to adapt it to take place at Home, check out the separate Check In all about it and do it whenever you want!

I am enjoying seeing what you are all up to, do not forget you DO NOT have to do everything, just judge what you and your child need or want to do.

Physical Development: Shear a sheep! Yes really! I saw a great idea on the internet. Draw a large sheep on paper (old wall paper if you have it) Spray the sheep fleece with Shaving foam and use a spatula to scrape it off.

Do not waste the shaving foam, it can go into a large tray and you can trace letters into it or just enjoy the sensations!

Also cut toilet roll tubes in half, decorate them as different farm animals and then stack them on top of each other in a pyramid style to bowl balls at to knock down. Hours of run stacking and knocking down and if you get good at it, have a scoring system.

Here is a ‘Feed the animals’ fine motor activity you can do as well.

Communication and Language Development; Make another themed Story telling basket either Farmer Duck or maybe a musical one like Old McDonald. This helps you retell the story and enrich the experience. You can enact it or even make up a ‘What Happens Next’ story.

Mathematics: Counting on and back up as high as you want, explore the number patterns, count in 2’s or 10’s. Grown-ups you can model without expecting your child to know it all, jest have fun and practise. I have added some Farm themed Maths sheets in today’s section.

Story time; Barefoot Books at Bedtime The Book Tree Storytime for Children Topsy and Tim at the Farm

Reflection; List three good things about today… I have added some mindful activity cards for you to do with your family.

A nurse in Southampton has written and illustrated a short story to help explain the coronavirus to children in a bid to reduce fears and anxieties around the outbreak. You can find ‘Nurse Dotty books’ Dave the Dog, to download free here.

Do not forget to clap at 8pm tonight for the NHS.

Have a gorgeous day,

Miss Brewerton & Mrs Poole

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