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Thursday 28th January


Practise your Yoga sequence and your sunshine breathing at the end of it. Then say your affirmation and finally your 5 finger breathing.  

Today's affirmation is I can focus on my work.

It is very easy to become distracted - sometimes I am when I am working at home, especially when my cat comes over or I see something interesting outside! There are many different reasons why we can't focus on what we are doing - maybe you are tired, cold, hungry, had an argument, excited about something that is going to happen (I'm sure you can think of other reasons).  When we need to get something done, whether this is our school work or tidying our room or helping someone, when need to stay focused and this affirmation could help you.  

Remember to say it three times.



Today, we are going to put all of our ideas from the last couple of days into a written paragraph about your dragon. You are going to ‘Tell me your dragon’ just like the Author and Illustrator Jackie Morris did. Watch the video of Mrs Hodgson modelling how to write up your thoughts from your planning sheet into a full paragraph adding in extra bits of detail and making sure you have got a couple of expanded noun phrases in there. Now that you have written about your dragon, like Jackie Morris… That’s right, you are going to illustrate your writing just like Jackie Morris. So now you can draw a picture of your dragon with a lovely background to suit the type of dragon you have chosen. For example, Mrs Hodgson would draw her dragon in space with lots of stars, comets, the moon and planets around it.



Today we are going to look at equivalent fractions to half (1/2). Have a think about the word equivalent - what other mathematical word does it sound a little bit like? Equal! We know that equal means a balance or the same, so maybe you already have an idea about what we are going to do today. Do we already know a fraction that is equivalent to half? Perhaps something we spent lots of time looking at in yesterday's maths lesson?

Watch Amber's video here on fractions that are equivalent to half - (she's brilliant at fractions work and she's not even a teacher!) 

Then complete the equivalent fractions to half worksheet. Remember what Amber said about when a fraction is equivalent to half, the numerator (top number) is half of the denominator (bottom number). 

If you felt confident with this work, move on to the half and quarter problem solving worksheet. 



Last week we explored objects and what they were made from, describing their properties with scientific words.  There is an optional activity below to explore the materials for a variety of everyday objects.  If you would like to, take yourself for a walk around your house and outdoor, to explore a wider range of items.  


This week we are looking at the suitability of materials for different purposes. Find out more with Mrs Graham here and have a go at a quiz too.  Afterwards complete one of the tasks, considering why some materials are suitable for certain objects - eg glass is suitable for a mirror because it is reflective.   



Next week, we are going to make a smooth sculpture using malleable materials in the style of Barbara Hepworth. 

The powerpoint for this activity can be found below.  You will need plasticine, clay, playdough, fimo or salt dough - a recipe is on the powerpoint. Mrs Graham will show you how to make it next week.  If you want to plan your sculpture now you can do so using the planning sheets below, or you could wait until next week when Mrs Graham teaches you to make the sculpture.  



Don't forget to practise our song for this week clicking here - the lyrics can be found on Tuesday's page.