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Our words for this week end in ment. Work through the powerpoint below to help you learning their menaing and spelling. You can also the methods we have discussed in class to help you.


We are learning about measuring the perimeter of rectilinear shapes. Work through the powerpoint below and then complete the activities below. Mark your answers and try to correct any mistakes you made.


Today we will write the first half of our book review of Freedom for Bron.

We will finish writing it tomorrow, then edit and improve it.

Read the book review below. What do you think of it? 

Look at the planning frame below and checklists below. These give you some ideas for what to include in a book review.

Start to write your own personal review of Freedom for Bron. You can present in any way you like. Remember to look at the checklist to ensure to include the correct features in your review.



  • We are investigating which material is the best insulator.
  • Work through the powerpoint, which will help you understand thermal insulators and conductors.
  • Then try to use what you have at home to plan/think about or carry out this task:
  • Willy Wonka needs some help with his new ice pop machine! He wants to create ice pops that stay frozen for hours. The Oompa Loompas have suggested that he can make a cover for the ice pops (like a coat) that will help them stay frozen. Willy Wonka is not sure. Can you carry out a scientific investigation to see if this is true?