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Thursday 4th February


Its Thursday morning and time for our Mindfulness.  Why not start with your mindful breathing first - which technique will you use today?  Next practise our yoga sequence (see Monday) and finally say our affirmation three times. 

Today's affirmation is - I am thoughtful.

Being thoughtful is a mixture of a few things - being kind, generous, helpful - but it is mainly about thinking of others and what they need or what you could do to help them.  Perhaps your brother or sister is doing their school work and you knock off their books.  It might be an accident but to be thoughtful we need to consider what we are doing and how it will affect others.  In this case, you could pick up the books and apologise.  What other ways could you be thoughtful towards others?  Sometimes a kind word or hug when someone isn't feeling great will help them have a better day. 

Always be thoughtful and think of others.  It will make you happy and the other person happy too. 



Today, we are going to continue looking at Michael Rosen’s poems and in particular focus on ‘I Made A Robot’. First of all, watch this video link which is Michael Rosen himself, giving you tips on how to perform a piece of poetry. Knowing these tips will help you to act out the poem ‘I Made A Robot’ today.


Watch Mrs Hodgson's video and we would like you to read the poem out loud, along with Mrs Hodgson.


Next, you can either copy out the poem and boxes on to a piece of paper or you can use the sheet to fill in the boxes. Writing out the poem might help you to remember the poem more when you act it out in a short while. In the boxes, we would like you to draw a picture that relates to the line of the poem. For example, on the line where it says ‘I made a robot’ you can draw a robot or where it says ‘wooden spoons for hands’ draw a robot with wooden spoon hands. Draw a picture for each line of the poem.


After that, you are going to think about putting actions to this poem, like Mrs Hodgson did in her video. We want you to read through the poem and put actions to it and perform it for somebody in your house. You can ask someone in your house to take pictures of you doing this as we would love to see some of your actions!


Extension task: Go back through the poem and use the extension sheet to help you colour code the poem into different features of poetry.



Begin by completing the recap quiz on one quarter of a shape and then watch the National Oak Academy on finding one quarter of an amount video

Then complete the worksheet below on finding a quarter of amounts before watching Miss Balfe's video where she will go through, model and discuss each of the questions that you completed on the worksheet. 

Finish today's maths lesson by playing the Espresso halves or quarters game




Today we will be learning all about Oceans and recapping the Continents.  Can you remember what each continent is called?  How many are there?  You have previously learned about the seas around the UK.  Can you remember what they are? 


First of all go through the oceans knowledge organiser with Mrs Graham here.   Then watch lesson with Mrs Graham click here and find out more about oceans and afterwards have a look at the activities below.  You main task is to identify oceans and challenge yourself to recall the continents and answer some tricky questions such as what continents the oceans are next to.  There is also a fun world jigsaw map - put the continents and labels in the right place.  


Getting Active

Have a go at doing PE with Joe or get outside and play with the football or go on the trampoline.  Do something energetic that makes you happy.