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Thursday 4th March


Enjoy practising your yoga, mindful breathing and affirmation - use Mrs Graham's workshop from last week if you want to do it together.  Today's affirmation is ...

I am accepting of differences

To be accepting means that we don't say unkind things about people because they are different to us in different ways.  They might have different coloured skin, a different religion, enjoy different things and perhaps be the only one that you know who is different.  It is important that we recognise that being different is okay and everyone have a right to their own choices and we shouldn't make people feel uncomfortable because of that.  This means that you shouldn't say or do something that does this.  What you could do is find out more so that you understand their differences as well as accept them. 



SPAG - lesson focus: to add es to verbs and nouns ending in y. This SPAG lesson links to this week's spellings.

Join Mrs Graham's video lesson to find out more and then, afterwards complete one or both of the related activities below. 


Main Lesson - lesson focus: to spark enjoyment of reading, linking to World Book Day. Today is World Book Day and all across the world children are celebrating the enjoyment of reading.  Today Mrs Graham's video lesson stars with a story game and then she will go through some activities which you can choose to do, all linking to books (see below).  Travel around the world as Mrs Graham reads to you...

Off to Market - from Uganda, Africa - by Elizabeth Dale

And Tango Makes Three - from New York, America - by Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell

What Made Tiddalick Laugh - from Australia - by Joanna Troughton

Sugar Cane - from the Caribbean - by Patricia Storage (this video is about 35 minutes long)

Katie Morag and her Two Grandmothers - from Scotland - by Mairi Hedderwick

The Tortoises Dream - from Africa - by Joanna Troughton




Have 3D shapes reasoning sheet 1 ready as you play Miss Balfe's video as you will be discussing and answering the first two questions alongside Miss Balfe. Then pause the video to continue sheet 1 and complete reasoning sheet 2. 

Once you have completed both sheets, resume the video to go over each question and answer with Miss Balfe. 



Today, we are going to be exploring and evaluating existing products with moving parts. Watch the video on Oak Academy to begin the lesson. You are going to be going on a treasure hunt around your home to find things around your house with moving parts.
Pause the video when Miss Larham tells you to and complete the worksheet below filling in 6 different products around your house that have moving parts. Once you have completed the hunt around your house and your sheet, return to the video and press play to see other examples that Miss Larham found in her house. Stop the video at the practical activity and that is your lesson done.

Unless, you want to complete the task AND have paper fasteners in your house. If you don’t have paper fasteners in your house but would like to do a practical activity then why not have a go at making one of your slider objects. Use your simple slider knowledge from last week.
The practical activity is not essential, the main objectives are to explore and evaluate existing products which is completed through the treasure hunt. 
The equipment that you will need is card, scissors, pencil, ruler, tape. You DO NOT need paper fasteners unless you have them in your house.



Watch Miss Nolan's video for your lesson.