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Thursday 7th January


Please continue to read with your child using the books on Oxford Reading Owl (free when you sign up): https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/for-home/find-a-book/library-page. It is useful to ask questions when reading with them, such as the ones below:

There are some nice stories that you can read along with here too: https://www.booktrust.org.uk/books-and-reading/have-some-fun/storybooks-and-games/

Have a go at the reading activity below. They include a short text to read and some comprehension questions, to ensure children are developing a good understanding of what they have read. You can choose the level of text you feel your child would be most comfortable with.


Practise both your handwriting and spelling of Phase 3 Tricky Words using the ‘Tricky Word Writing’ sheet. Read the word and practise saying it out loud. Then write it down in your best handwriting, making sure you write all your letters the right way. Then cover up the word so you can’t see it, and try and write it again using your memory!


Sing along with the Tricky Words song!

Phase 3 Tricky Words Song


As we can’t be together today on our first day back at school, we want to hear all about what you did in the Christmas Holidays! Your English task for today is to write some sentences about your favourite things that you did in the holidays. You could write about: where you went, what you did, what you ate and who you saw. You can also draw and colour in a picture of something you did.


Remember to include everything we need for a perfect sentence:

  1. Capital letter at the start of each sentence.
  2. Finger spaces in between your words.
  3. Neat handwriting.
  4. Full stops at the end of each sentence.
  5. Read the sentence to check it makes sense! 


Give your brain a break and get your body moving by following along with some videos. Below are some links for some dancing and yoga, or you can choose your own way to get moving!






For Maths today we are going to look at doubling and halving. To double a number, we add that number to itself. To halve a number means to share it in 2 parts equally. Watch the videos below if you would like a reminder of how to halve and double numbers!  

Year 1 Maths Doubling Lesson

Year 1 Maths - Sharing Numbers Equally (halving investigation)

Then have a go at the Ladybird worksheets. There are numbers up to 10 and to 20, so have a go at the one you feel most comfortable with. For the doubling sheet, you need to count the spots on one side of the ladybird and draw the same amount of spots on the other side. Then count up how many you have altogether. For the halving sheet, you need to split the dots at the top equally between the two wings of the ladybird. Draw the dots on, and count how many there is on one wing.

Art and Craft

There has been lots of wintery weather this January, it has been snowing where I live today! Is it snowing where you are? Have you been playing in the snow this holiday? This afternoon you can have a go at a winter art and craft to match the weather. You could make some fingerprint penguins with paint, cut a snowflake out of paper, or do some winter mindfulness colouring! Or use your imagination to draw us a winter picture :)