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Tuesday 13th July 2021

9.30-10.30 Live Lesson: Introduction to English and Music tasks. At the end of our session we will be making a woven fish so the children also paper or card - if possible coloured but if not a magazine, cereal box front or old picture will do - plus scissors and glue.  


The main focus will be maths and will continue to recap 2D and 3D shape knowledge.  There is a 'Ready to Progress' Assessment which we will be going through during the lesson.  If you would like your child to complete this independently, afterwards, this is available below. They can also click here to have a go at a 3D shape quiz.   


PAPER WEAVING ONLINE LESSON - As couldn't be predicted, my landline phone went off as I was recording so there is a part 1here and part 2 here!  I can't wait to see all the weaving tomorrow.  


11.00-11.20 English part 1: SPAG - look at the image below (it is a powerpoint of 1 page) of two children who are holding hands on an empty road.  Spend some time observing the image, then look at the contractions.  Write full sentences which include a contraction that link to the picture.  eg wasn't .  Why wasn't there any traffic on the road?  Remember... correct punctuation, letter formation/size.  


11.20-12.00 English part 2: Watch the story of Malala's Magic Pencil here.  Once you have watched it draw a picture of of yourself with magic pencil.  Draw a line from the pencil and continue the line to draw something that you would wish to happen for someone or the world in general.  Remember the work of Greta Thunberg and how she has made a difference with her campaign for the environment.  Before you colour in, I would like you to do some writing.  Underneath the picture, you need to write some sentences (in your best writing) to explain your choice.  It could start with... I wish for (my mum) that (she will get her new job)  or I wish for (Heaton Mersey) that (people keep the river walk clean).  Please note that the ph 5 activities are optional as required.


1.00-1.30 Read a fiction book: To an adult or yourself.  What has happened so far?  What will happen next?  (if you finished the book - what could happen if we added a few more pages to the story)


1.30-2.15 Geography: Today you can watch a video with me here to find out the natural physical features and the artificial features of Pakistan.  Your activity will be to look at some images (below) and identify these features. If you have coloured pens at home, you can write the physical features in one colour and the artificial ones in another.  


2.30-3.00 Music: We have been learning to sing Count on Me here.  Listen to the youtube video and practise your singing and move to the pulse.  Next, thinking about how we used our bottles to add a rhythm, practise different rhythms that work for the song - play Count on Me again - sing and play your rhythm.  Parents: as with all videos, this has adverts beforehand. 


3.00-3.15 Story Time: Join Mrs Graham as she tells you about one of her adventures here.