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Tuesday 19th May

Tuesday 19th May

Morning! I hope yesterday was fun! How did you do on the Feather hunt and bird watching? The bird song seems so much louder now. I find the BTO website great for Bird ID, it has little comparative clips.

I have added some more items in Child Friendly Covid Info and Mind Friendly sections at the bottom of the Nursery page check them out, especially as it is Mental Health awareness this week, look after yourselves. 

Communication and Language Development; Can you retell the Farmer Duck story? There are picture prompts & story sequencing cards to help in the Home Learning section. Use the purple book or make a little book if you want to draw pictures from the story and write a caption to go with it. Remember to try to write some of the letters you can here as you sound out the words you want to write.

Mathematics: I have included a new home learning pack.

Physical Development: Finger gym activities for Farmer Duck can be using teaspoons to transport dried corn kernels to your cows and pigs in your farm. Alternatively you can collect cotton wool balls ( with tweezers or tongs) for your sheep, counting them out onto number cards to 10.

Also play Farm Animal Charades or sing Farmer’s in His den.

Knowledge & Understanding of the World/Topic: Farmer Duck: Play with model pigs in ‘mud’ by making and cooling porridge, a great sensory experience, what words would you use to describe how it feels.

Do ‘farm jobs’ sweeping- etc make list and then role play or help with the housework, how would poor Duck feel?

Expressive Arts & Design:  Out Of The Ark song is Wake Up Find the activity sheet too. There is a great Yoga Pretzels pack to do.

Story time: Ed Vere reads Bedtime for Monsters , The Breathing Song by Julia Donaldson

Check the Ethnic Diversity Service Section, there are some new uploads including help with your child and a fact sheet on SPAIN!

Have a fab day, I am hoping for rain for my garden, are you? I really love the smell outdoors after the first rain after warm weather, it is called petrichor.

Miss Brewerton & Mrs Poole