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Tuesday 12th January 2021


Don't forget Read Theory and the Piers Torday story  The Dark Wild on You tube daily.




Use the video that's in the home learning centre for this lesson. It is all about simile and metaphor. You can pause the recording whenever you like and go back to hear something again if you are unsure. On each slide there is the opportunity to have a go at some simile and metaphor of your own. Have a listen to my examples that I have tried to do in order to help you. I have attached a document below with my examples for each slide in case they are unclear in the recording. You could type your own simile and metaphor into a word document as I have and then you can save it and attach it to an email to send it to your class teacher.

Don't forget to go onto RM daily.



This is linked to yesterday's work on place value. We are focussing on thousandths.

Science - look on the Video Centre for the explanation of today's lesson, before completing the following activities