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For this lesson you will need some lined paper (or you can draw the lines like I have) and we are going to practise our ladder letters.
Any you are not confident with today, keep repeating them all week for 5 minutes until you are confident.
Happy handwriting! :)


Happy Handwriting - Ladder Letters.mp4

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Well done for your fantastic WANTED posters! They were so brilliant that the Big Bad Wolf has been caught!! Now we need to find out more information from him... So today we are going to write some questions. Please see the video and resources below. Your task today is to write questions to ask the wolf - Can you write one for all 6 question words? The Question Hand and Word Mat below can help with your spelling.


If you would like an extra activity, you could do some acting. Pretend to be the Big Bad Wolf and answer your questions. What might the wolf say? Do you think it was an accident or on purpose? Is he really bad? What might the wolf's voice sound like?

English - Lesson 2 - Questions

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Today we are going over the “ay” grapheme again.

Watch the video and join in. You can either print off the Roll, read and draw game or make your own!

Tuesday - ay Lesson 2.mp4

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Today we are looking at comparing numbers.

Watch the video and complete the White Rose (WR) worksheet if you enjoy this way of learning.


Otherwise, you can follow Miss James' practical lesson by watching her video.

To work practically today you will need some number cards or just a piece of paper and pencil.

I have added some more challenging activities to the list as well this week. Use the adult guidance to help guide the activities if you require more challenge.

Maths - Tuesday - Comparing numbers.mp4

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Live Check-In @ 11:30am

Use your child's Gmail account to log in and access the Google Meet with the link your teacher has sent you. Please remember to mute your device. We look forward to seeing you! 


Oxford Reading Owl - Use the Oxford Reading Owl to read a story or use another website below. Sadly we cannot start leaving or issuing reading books at the front of school for children to collect for safety reasons. 


www.burfordschool.co.uk (online reading and free ebooks)



http:// openlibrary.org


http://mrsp.com (streams stories and online activities)


Have a go at the reading activities below. They include a short text to read and some comprehension questions, to ensure children are developing a good understanding of what they have read. You can choose the level of text you feel your child would be most comfortable with.




For today's geography lesson, we are going to be learning more about the area where we live and go to school. I would like you to watch the video and see if you can recognise any of the buildings on the photographs. We will also look at a map of the local area, taken from above. Perhaps you might spot your own house! Finally, there is a worksheet for you to complete. Have fun roving geographers!

The Heatons

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A powerpoint presentation on the Heaton Mersey and its surrounding area.

Map and questions

Story Time

Get cosy and enjoy a story after all your hard work! 

The Day The Crayons Came Home

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