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Tuesday 19th January

Mindful Moments

Start the morning practising our 3 mindful m's - affirmation - I am calm (when are you calm? What do you do to be calm?), yoga sequence 1 (see Monday), and 5 finger breathing. 



Today, you are going to read an extract from a famous person’s children’s book. David Walliams. How many of his books have you read? Can you remember the titles of those books? Today’s focus is on our reading as well as learning about a new famous person. Read through the PowerPoint or listen to Mrs Hodgson reading through the PowerPoint on the video centre and then read through the extract of Grandpa’s Great Escape and answer the questions about the story. Mrs Hodgson will also read this text aloud on the video centre if you wish to follow along with me reading before answering the questions.

Have an explore of David Walliams website here too. Have a look at his books, about David and why not have a go at some of the activities on his activity page! I would like you to complete at least 1 of these activities but you are welcome to complete them all if you want to.



Begin today's lesson by playing the time game hereIf you completed the o'clock and half past worksheet yesterday choose level 1 or 2. If you completed the quarter to and quarter past worksheets yesterday choose level 3. 

If you completed the o'clock and half past work in maths yesterday, please watch the rest of yesterday's video on the video centre and then complete the quarter to and quarter past worksheets attached. 

If you completed the work on quarter to and past yesterday we are going to be moving on to telling the time in 5 minute intervals. Begin by watching Miss Balfe's PowerPoint on the video centre (click here) before completing the two worksheets attached on telling the time in 5 minute intervals. 



In PE this week we are going to concentrate on jumping.  You can do all the activities in your house or garden.  

Watch the first video that helps you develop your jumping skills by clicking here  'Jumping in Combination' by 'This is PE'.  Watch it first and then collect the resources you will need (they have used ties, rolled up t-towels and socks).  


Challenge:  Have fun jumping between 9 landing spots ... take a look at the video here 'Lily pad' click here. Then collect your resources (they used soft objects - cushions, t-shirt and t-towels)



Learn two sign language songs with Singing Hands.  Little Peter Rabbit here and 5 Little Monkeys here.