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This week's work is all about percentages. Watch the lesson video on the Video Centre or Google Classroom, then try the questions on the worksheet. The extension task is also attached, if you have time. You can mark your work afterwards using the answer sheets below.




There is nothing you need to print for English today. Watch the video lesson (Video Centre or Google Classroom), where Mrs Gibson will go through the main ideas of this week's poem, 'The Door'. Then she will explain how to approach today's task, which is to plan a poem of your own based on 'The Door'. Listen carefully to the ideas she comes up with, and how to use colours/abstract nouns in your own plan.



There are two parts to the lesson this week. We will be learning about the components of blood, then completing an activity to help us find out what happens to our heart rate during and after exercise. Mrs Potts explains it all on the lesson video, so watch the video first.