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Children's Mental Health Week

Watch a virtual assembly explaining what Children's Mental Health Week is and why it is important :)

Link here - Children's Mental Health Week Virtual Assembly


For this lesson you will need some lined paper (or you can draw the lines like I have) and we are going to keep practising our Capital Letters!
Any you are not confident with today, keep repeating them all week for 5 minutes until you are confident.
Happy handwriting! :)

Happy Handwriting - Capital Letters lesson 3.mp4

Still image for this video


We are carrying on with the story of 'The Bog Baby.'

Today we are going to write a list of things that a Bog Baby might need. Remember to include a comma (,) after every item on your list and the connective 'and,' before writing the very last item on the list. A fullstop is included at the very end of the list. 

If you would like an extra challenge, choose the worksheet option entitled 'BB List,' and try and include an adjective to describe each item on your list.

E.g. Sweet cake, rough gravel, and warm water. 

Bog Baby List Teaching Video

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Today we are recapping the "oy" grapheme and then playing snakes and ladders using both "oi" and "oy"

I hope you enjoy!!

Tuesday - oy lesson 2.mp4

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Today in Maths we are looking at adding by making 10. This is a useful skill to learn to help us with out Maths work in the future. Please see the video and resources below. It would be useful to join in with the lesson using practical resources - You can print out the tens frame below or draw one, and you need around 15 small items (I used chocolate buttons)! You can complete the worksheet below or work practically, whichever you prefer. Don't worry if you find one method more useful than another, it's all about learning and recognising different methods, as there might be one you find useful! smiley


Have a go at the Maths Mastery cards if you would like a challenge. 

Maths - Lesson 2 - Add by Making 10

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Live Check-In @ 11:30am

Use your child's Gmail account to log in and access the Google Meet with the link your teacher has sent you. Please remember to mute your device.

Mental Health Week Activities

It's Children's Mental Health Week! Access the file of activities the year 1 teachers have put together and choose an activity you would like to do smiley




Welcome back to your Geography lesson about the local area.

Today we are looking at our local area but this time focusing on how we travel to school.

Watch the video and complete the two activities

1. Plotting your route on a map

2. Drawing a visual map of what you see


I hope you enjoy and I can't wait to see all your creative map work.

Week 4 - Geography - My Journey To School.mp4

Still image for this video

Story Time

For Children's Mental Health this week we are going to read some special stories about our thoughts and feelings. Today's story is called 'It's Not All Rainbows', all about Kevin the Unicorn! What do you think the meaning of the story is? 


There is also a guide to drawing Kevin the Unicorn below if you'd like to have a go!


We hope you enjoy laugh

It's Not All Rainbows

Still image for this video