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We are continuing with the numbers theme. Today we are focusing upon writing numbers 11- 15 as words.

I have also placed a numeral handwriting worksheet on the website for you to complete. This will help to make sure that you form your numbers correctly. 

The sheets include number words zero to ten which you may have a practise at if you wish, but don't worry too much as we completed that set last week.

There is a teaching video to help you with this.

Handwriting eleven to fifteen.mp4

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Today we are comparing again. Can you remember which symbols we use to compare?    < = and >.
using these symbols is tricky so that's why we keep coming back to them. The work today is split into different levels so if you're confident now, have a go at the more challenging sheets or use the practical resources to make up your own games. You could use the resources and try to teach someone else all about comparing. 

Comparing Groups

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We are going to be writing our own version of Naughty Bus! Today we are going to think of ideas and plan our story by filling in the Bus Story Plan below. Think about the name of your bus, where they are going to visit, what goes wrong and how they fix it. You can use some of the ideas in the video or think of your own, be as creative as you can! Draw pictures and write some words to show what happens in your story smiley

English - Lesson 2 - Story Plan

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The Naughty Bus Song!


Today we are learning the 'wh' sound again. Join in with my video and complete the activity.
Have a good day!

wh - lesson 2.mp4

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Come with me for a tour of the 4 capital cities of the United Kingdom.

After you have watched the video, choose one of the capital cities that you would like to find more about. You can draw and stick pictures that are relevant to your city. The you can write some sentences to explain what your city is famous for. 

Geography S2 L2 Capital Cities of the UK.mp4

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