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Tuesday 26th January


Practise your Yoga sequence and your sunshine breathing at the end of it.  Then say your affirmation and finally do your 5 finger breathing. 

Today's affirmation is I am patient. 

It is often hard to be patient when we have to wait and want something.  When have you seen grown-ups being impatient? Perhaps queueing for something or when the computer takes a long time to open a programme. When have you found you are impatient? Maybe when you are hungry and don't want to wait.  People can become annoyed or upset when they get impatient. Practise this affirmation today and think about when it will be particularly useful in your daily life.  

Remember to say it three times. 



Today, you are going to read a book called ‘Tell Me A Dragon by Jackie Morris.’ You can pause the link below to look at the pictures in more detail, or to re-read the page if needed. After you have read it, you are going to answer some comprehension questions about the book. We will be using this book for the base of all our English lessons for the rest of this week. You can listen to and read the book online here. Once you have listened to the story, answer the comprehension questions. I wonder which dragon will be your favourite! Mrs Hodgson’s favourite is The Star Dragon! You can also listen to Mrs Hodgson reading the story on the video centre.


Now that you have read the book and answered the questions, I would like you to tell somebody in your house about what your dragon would be. What might it be the dragon of? Is it a friendly dragon or a fierce, angry dragon? What does it do that makes it special? Does it sprinkle the city with gold dust each night, or does it go on missions with its rider to save people? I would like you to describe your dragon in as much detail as possible to somebody in your house. This doesn’t need to be written down today, but make sure you have a clear picture/idea of your dragon in your head, ready for tomorrows lesson. You could draw your dragon to help you picture it more clearly in your mind.



Start today's lesson by recapping half from yesterday's lesson by competing the activities on Purple Mash:

Then watch Miss Balfe's video on the video centre where we will begin to look at a quarter of a shape. 

Have worksheet 1 ready as you are going to complete the first three questions alongside Miss Balfe within the video before pausing the video to complete the rest of the worksheet independently. Resume the video once you have finished answering the remaining questions to discuss and work through the answers with Miss Balfe. 

Then complete worksheet 2 showing your understanding of half, quarter and whole. We'd love to see some pictures if you choose to complete this practically! yes



We are continuing to learn about the Jewish religion.  This week we are learning about Shabbat or Sabbath and why it is an important time for Jewish people.  Watch Mrs Graham's video here. Then you have a choice of differentiated activities where you will order Shabbat.  These are explained by Mrs Graham. 


Getting Active

Time for Cosmic Yoga - Tallulah the Owlet  click here.



Remember to practise this week's song What Make a Family click here - the more we practise the more we learn it.  2H will sing this together next week in one of our Live Chats. 


Draw a Dragon

During the 2H live chat we were drawing a dragon - have a try yourself by watching the drawing lesson here (youtube).