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Tuesday 2nd February


Enjoy practising the 3 Mindful M's - see yesterday's new yoga pose, the volcano and use the hi 5 finger breathing, the belly breathing or the sunshine breathing - which is your favourite?

Our affirmation this today is I am friendly towards others. 

Who are you always friendly towards?  Who is always friendly towards you? What does that look like?  Being friendly isn't just about being a friend to someone you like, it is being friendly towards others that you don't know or someone you don't normally talk to.  How do you think it feels if no-one talks to you and people ignore you?  Perhaps they don't let you join in or leave you out.  Saying hello and sharing your time or things with others makes them feel better about themselves and you have the power to do that!



Today, you are going to read about Stephen Hawking. Another new famous person for us to learn about. Have you heard his name? What is he famous for? Firstly, open this link and listen to the story of ‘Little People, Big Dreams: Stephen Hawking.’

Today’s focus is on our reading as well as learning about a new famous person. Read through the 10 facts about Stephen Hawking here, or listen to Mrs Hodgson's video, reading through the 10 facts and then answer the questions about the facts using the document below.

Once you have done your reading and answered your questions, click these links to find out more interesting facts about Stephen Hawking.

Stephen Hawking facts 1

Stephen Hawking facts 2  



Begin today's lesson by looking at the halving an amount worksheet. Draw pictures or use cubes, pencils, pasta to help you half each number if that helps. Now, don't be put of by the division sign! (÷) We know from our work before Christmas on multiplication and division that divide by just means shared equally and sharing equally is very important when it comes to fractions too! So 20 ÷ 2 just means... 20 shared equally between 2. 

I'm sure you'll be able to write and work out a division calculation after halving each amount just like the example given. 

Once you've completed this sheet, play the quiz and watch the video here on finding half of a quantity or amount

Finally, complete the doubling and halving word problem challenge cards attached choosing either the first set of questions or the second set depending on how confident you feel with halving an amount. 



Do you remember that last week we gave you a PowerPoint to look at and a planning sheet so that you could have a go at planning for a malleable sculpture.  Well today Mrs Graham (click here) will show you some malleable materials and how to make some sculptures in the style of Barbara Hepworth, by creating a curved object and incorporating holes.  What malleable material are you going to use?  


Next week: you will need to collect some boxes this week, for the box family sculptures we will be making next week - if you can't get big ones, don't worry small boxes will be fine. 


Watch the Children's Mental health Week virtual assembly here - 'Express Yourself'


Getting Active

We thought you might like to have a go at something different - a rather silly Koo Koo Kangaroo Superheroes dance - have a go here