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Tuesday 2nd March


Practise you 3 M's - yoga, breathing and affirmations.  Today's affirmation is...

I am gentle

How can you show that you are gentle?  What does that look like?  You can use gentle words, gentle movements, gentle actions.  Your friends will feel better if you are more gentle with them than being rough or chucking things down harshly.  Watch out for who is gentle with you today too, and see how this makes you feel. 



SPAG - Lesson focus:  to use subordinating conjunctions to extend sentences, which will feed into your main lesson.  

Join in with Mrs Graham's video and learn how to use when, if, because and that. Afterwards, have a go with the worksheet, which includes applying the subordinating conjunctions to your biography writing ideas from your planner.  There is an optional SPAG activity sheet, below, which can be completed at any point this week.  It will give your child additional practise, including to write common exception words. 


Main Lesson - Lesson focus: to use extended sentences in a biography. Today you will be continuing your biography with the guidance of Mrs Graham (on her video), to complete the next two sections. You will be shown how to develop your sentences further using subordinating conjunctions: when, if, because, that.  Afterwards, you will use the success ladder to help you to remember what features you need for a biography and check/edit your work so far. Remember we are going to continue with this biography tomorrow, so make sure you leave enough room to finish it. 



Watch Miss Balfe's video to learn all about vertices on 3D shapes. Pause the video when Miss Balfe asks you to then complete both worksheets - vertices on 3D shapes and the extension worksheet. 

When you are ready to, resume the video to go over each of the questions with Miss Balfe. 

To end today's lesson, fill in the names and the number of faces on each of the 3D shapes on the Top Trumps 3D shapes cards. Split the cards equally and play a game of 3D shapes Top Trumps with some of your household (2 or more players needed). If you're not sure how to play Top Trumps click here



Today, we are going to learn all about an important Jewish Festival and celebration, Hanukkah. First of all, watch the video explaining the story of Hanukkah and then open up Mrs Hodgson’s video where we will go in to more detail surrounding Hanukkah. The PowerPoint will guide us through some of the important things to do with this Jewish festival. Watch this video of a child’s first experience of Hanukkah and the things they do to celebrate it.


Activity 1- True or false Hanukkah Menorah. From the worksheet below, cut out the 8 candle statements and decide which 4 you think are true statements and which 4 you think are false statements about the festival of Hanukkah and then stick them down on your Menorah on the correct sides.


Activity 2- Write down your answers to, why was light in Hanukkah important and why light is important to you? You can use the sheet provided or write your answers on a separate piece of paper.


Extra challenge: Can you write down the story of Hanukkah and how it is celebrated now? Write down everything you know about the Jewish story of Hanukkah and the celebrations of Hanukkah into a paragraph. You could also draw some pictures along side your writing. This is not essential.