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Tuesday 9th February


Enjoy practising your mindful body with your yoga; follow on with your mindful breathing - hi 5 finger breathing and finish off with your mindful thoughts. 

Today's affirmation is I am brave.

We have heard lots about brave people, but when are you brave?  Perhaps you are brave when you have to do something new or that scares you.  This affirmation is really good to use if you are feeling unsure or fearful, to remind yourself that you can be really brave just like the people we have found out about in history.


Internet Safety Day

Internet Safety Day is especially designed to help children, such as yourself, understand the dangers of using the internet, so that you know how to keep youself safe. This lesson should be done together with an adult at home, so that you can talk about internet safety together and talk about how to keep safe.


Have a think - What devices do you use to find information online?

What do you like to do online?

Do you talk to family or friends online? Who? How?


Today we are going to think about sharing information about yourself to other people online - such as when you are playing online games and there is a chat facility.


Are there any websites or online games that you use that let you talk to people you don't know?

Now read  - Digiduck's Famous Friend - and share your thoughts as you read the book, with your adult at home.  (A pdf version of the story is attached below)


What would you do if you were worried about something you were asked or told when chatting online?

The important adults in our life, that we trust - such as our parents, grandparents and teachers, are there to help us. Remember it is always important to share worries with them - no worry is too small a worry to share. 



Today, watch Mrs Hodgson’s video on a new famous person that we are learning about this week. Roald Dahl! Who is he? Have you read any of his books before? Watch the video to find out some amazing facts about his life. Once we have learnt about him, we have got a fun quiz to do to see how much you can remember. You can either do the quiz with Mrs Hodgson on her video or stop the video and do the quiz yourself by opening the PowerPoint below. Once we have filled our brains with all the knowledge, we would like you to complete some reading comprehension questions. Choose either level 1 or level 2 depending on how confident you feel about reading.


Listen to Mrs Hodgson’s daily read of George’s Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl as this will help you with your English lessons this week. Chapter 3, 4 and 5.



Today in maths we are going to recap quarters of amounts which will include three quarters of amounts.

If you'd like to recap this perhaps play the Pizza Fractions Game first.

Have the worksheet attached below ready as you are going to complete questions 1,2 and 3 alongside Miss Balfe in her video. After question 3, pause the video and complete the rest of the questions independently before resuming the video where Miss Balfe with go through and answer each question so you are able to see how you did. 

If you'd like to there is an extension worksheet on three quarters for you to have a go at. No peeking at the second page until you're finished though, as that's where you'll find the answers. laugh



Our final history lesson, this half term, focuses on another brave nurse, Edith Cavell, who helped soldiers in the First World War and gave her life to help others. We are then going to compare hospitals from a long time ago to now. Join the lesson with Mrs Graham in her video and afterwards complete the hospital worksheet, below. 


Getting Active

Finish the day with Zumba dance - Old Town Road.  Get up and move those tired muscles from working hard all day.