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WB 18.1.21 Home Learning

If you are in school part time please try to keep to this timetable otherwise you may repeat or miss lessons in school.

Your home learning for Week Beginning Monday 18th January is explained below.

Please see the suggested timetable above to guide your Home Learning. Our learning will be timed for a full day and include the subjects we would normally study on those days and times.


Please see Google Classroom to watch the teacher-led videos and to read instructions on this weeks' tasks which guide you through each lesson. For each lesson you will complete tasks via Google classroom or by following the link on the on the timetable. We may be uploading lesson resources as the day progresses so you may need to keep checking in as resources will be building up across each day. For reading, spelling and art see activity ideas in the folders below.


Live Daily check-ins will be every other week, when your teacher is working from home. On the W/B Monday 18th Miss Leah will be working from home so 5L will have their daily check ins at 10:30, Mr Newton will be in school this week so 5N's check ins will recommence  W/B Monday 25th at 10:30. 


Parents / Carers - If you require paper copies of this week's home learning, the essential documents can be collected from school. Let the  office know you need paper copies and they can print them out for you to collect. Please get in touch with school if you cannot access the learning with a device or the Internet. 


Please use Google Classroom to return your work for a Year 5 teacher to give you feedback.

Enjoy your learning children! If you are unable to return your work via Google Classroom, have forgotten your Google Classroom login details, or if you have any questions, you can email the Year 5 email address - year5@didsburyroad.stockport.sch.uk. As always, write your Name and Class in the Subject box e.g. Joe Bloggs - Miss Leah, 5L. 


How to "Turn In" (Hand in / return) your work via Google Classroom

  1. Log in to Google Classroom
  2. Click on "Classwork", on the top bar
  3. Find the Topic folder for the subject you are completing e.g. English / Maths / Science
  4. Click on today's task, then click on "View Assignment"
  5. Read the instructions and complete the task
  6. When you have completed the task, Photograph or Scan your work or save the document you have completed using a sensible name e.g. Mr Newton - English Task - 7.1.21
  7. Using the right-hand box saying "Your Work", click "+ Add or Create" to upload the picture / document of your work. You can upload more than one picture / document.
  8. Make sure your photographs are rotated the correct way!
  9. Click "Turn In" to send your work to your teacher
  10. To go back to the main Class Stream, click 5N / 5L in the top left corner


If you are unable to photograph your learning and send it in via email or via Google Classroom, organise your different learning tasks and papers neatly and chronologically in a folder, with the date on every piece of work, which you can bring into school when we return to share with your teacher.