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Wednesday 10th February


Practise your 3 mindful m's - yoga, hi 5 finger breathing and your affirmation.  

Today's affirmation is  I am creative.

Do you remember last week when we thought about being creatively expressive?   Being creative isn't just about making art and craft but is about thinking, creating and problem solving in your own way.  You could create your own dance, coding activity, maths problem, story, ROBLOX, and many other things.  Be aware today of how creative you can be in the different things you do.  



Listen to Mrs Hodgson’s daily read of George’s Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl as this will help you with your English lessons today and tomorrow. Chapter 6, 7 and 8.


Next, open the PowerPoint or Mrs Hodgson’s video to learn all about imperative (bossy) verbs. Once you have gone through the PowerPoint with Mrs Hodgson, we would like you to complete the worksheets below. There are 3 pages but can you please do page 1, then page 3 and then page 2. This will help build you up to writing your own instructions for George at the end. Mrs Hodgson goes through the activities on her video and explains how to write the instructions for George.



Begin today's lesson by playing the following Fraction Fresco game. 

Next watch the following video on finding a third of a number.

Then watch Miss Balfe's video up until she asks you to pause and complete the worksheet for today. Resume the video when you are ready to discuss and go through the answers. 



In our final lesson about Barbara Hepworth, we are going to use those boxes you have been collecting to create a box sculpture person or family.  Join Mrs Graham's video lesson and find out more and how to go about making a box family sculpture.  During the video, Mrs Graham will make a box family sculpture, a picture of her final results can be looked at below to give you inspiration.   


Getting Relaxed

This week's Cosmic Yoga is Sheriff Updown the Rabbit.