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Wednesday 11th

English - Wednesday 11th November

I hope you enjoyed the story yesterday, if you want to read it again today to remind yourselves the link is below.

Youtube link for the story - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7pQMlSefXs

Today, I want you to write a book review about the story.

Use the sheet below to write book review about the story Dogger!

Can you remember the setting? (there are a few, choose your favourite) This means where the story is set. Choose either at the fair, school, Dave's home or another you can think of?

Who are the characters?

What happens at the beginning, middle and end? Look back at yesterday's video if you are unsure.


Extra challenge: Can you write a sentence about the beginning, middle and end of the story?

Miss James Wednesday English Lesson - Book Review

Still image for this video

Remembrance Day Lesson and Activities

Remembrance Day is celebrated every year on or around the 11th of November. It's a time to remember all the brave people who fought or helped in the war. Remembrance Day was celebrated on Sunday the 8th this year. Did you see anything on the television or in your local area? 

'Christians in School' sent us a video Assembly to use in class for Remembrance Day. Watch the video and have a go at making your own Remembrance Day Art work (ideas in the document below).

For your information, there is a prayer at the end of this video. Please remind your children that lots of different religions and people celebrate Remembrance Day and that all religions are thankful for different things and pray in different ways. Maybe you can discuss this with your child.



Extra challenge: Can you write an acrostic poem about Remembrance Day? Use the sheet below to help you! Use each letter to think of a word or sentence about things you are thankful for.