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Wednesday 14th July 2021


9.30-10.30 Live Lesson: Main lesson will focus on English and learn more about Malala Yousafzai.  You will need a pencil, lined paper and plain paper.  We will also be recapping on place value and complete some mental maths activities. 


11.00-12.00 Maths: Today you are going to reflect back on your skills to add and subtract using 2, 2 digit numbers. Use the White Rose video to listen, learn and practise here.  The man on the video might refer to the worksheet, but we won't be using this today.  Remember to pause if you need to. Afterwards, complete one of the differentiated subtraction words problems - please select as appropriate.


For those children who find this tricky, use the National Academy video lessons to work through together - lesson 1 and 2 here.  A missing number worksheet to 20 will help support their learning - you will need counters or similar to help with counting or back. 


1.00-1.30 Reading Comprehension: Today you will be reading a comprehension about Malala Yousafzai.  If you need to, do this with your parent - sharing the reading and talking about what you have read together. Then answer the questions.  A copy of the comprehension about Greta Thunberg has been added for you to read with your parents together.  If you wish to answer the questions for Greta as well, then you are very welcome to do this. Parents - the answers are within this document.   There is an easier comprehension for those children who need it, below. 


1.45-2.30 PE: Today I would like you to get moving indoors.  I have chose some different ideas for you to do:  

BBC Super Mood Movers - which is about 2 minutes long - click here

Go Noodle Banana Meatballs - click here


Kidz Bop Dance Along (the long version!) - click here


Why not go in the garden and create your own obstacle course?  You could make your own sports day for you, your parents and family.  Enjoy!


3.00-3.15 Story Time: Watch and listen as Mrs Graham tells you a story here.  Today the story will be Yasmin and the Builder.  You could have a go at designing and perhaps making a building for a city using junk modelling.