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Today we are looking at the perimemter of rectangles.

1. Work through the power point for teaching points

2. Find Lesson 3 in the Challenges document and have a go at these first.

3. Check your learning with the T or F

4. If you need to consolidate your learning give the WR activity a go


LO: To create expanded noun phrases


1. Watch the twinkl video on expanded noun phrases.

Link: expanded-noun-phrase-video


2. Use the power point for further teaching points and tips.

3. Write your own sentences based on the characters and objects in Freedom for Bron.


Immerse yourself in a fantastic book! ake time to read. Tomorrow we will be writing a book review. Which book will you be reflecting on?


Practise your vocabulary. Body parts in french. Practise the words and then select an activity to complete. Improve your oral skills and see how much you can remember. Feedback to Mrs Romagnoli next week.


Choose some fitness for today. It's important to keep active even if you are in and around the house.

I enjoy a boxercise class on You Tube

Joe Wicks if you need a motivating option

If you have apps on your TV you can choose a class from one of the lifestyle channels

If you google Daily OM, these are good (donation) classes. I follow Sadi Nardini's HIIT yoga

You could create your own mini work out using things that you enjoy

Enjoy! It will give you more energy for the rest of your day wink