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English 13 1 21


There are two parts to the English today. On the powerpoint is a short writing task where you are asked to create a paragraph describing a ship at sea in a storm which demonstrates use of personification. There is information on the powerpoint about what personification is. Then I have included some poems below for you to look at and see if you can spot some examples of the kind of figurative language we have been looking at this week. I have included a sheet to record this on if you want to use it.

You can use this chart or make your own

Figurative language spotter

A little extra challenge



You will need some A4 paper and a pencil and then some colouring pencils for when your basic sketch is done. Mrs Clapperton has done a recording all about one point perspective. There is a street scene to draw following a you tube clip- we have included a link to the original video as well. Mrs Clapperton will be drawing along with you. Have a look in the video centre (go to Pupils and then down to Home Learning - not to class pages ) where all today's recordings are stored. Enjoy!