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Wednesday 20th January

Mindful Moments

Start the morning by practising our 3 mindful m's - yoga sequence 1, 5 finger breathing and the affirmation - I am hard working.  Say your affirmation 3 times and remember to use it at different parts of the day.  Ask yourself: When do you find you are the most hardworking?  What things do you work at hardest?  Think about the things you aren't keen on doing or the times of day you feel like that.  Then remember to use the affirmation to help you be more focused. Who in your family is the most hardworking? If your pet hardworking?



Today, we are going to learn how to use conjunctions in our writing. What is a conjunction? Can you think of an example of one? What is its purpose/what does it do? Open the video of Mrs Hodgson for today on the video centre and we will work through some examples of incorrect and correct conjunctions together. After the video, I would like you to write out the sentences from the worksheet onto a new piece of paper, choosing the correct conjunction from the boxes at the top, to put into the middle of your sentences, to give you practise of extending your sentences. (If you would prefer to write the conjunction in on the sheet then read through the sentence afterwards so that you can hear where the conjunction is placed.)

After writing your sentences out, read over them to check that they make sense, just like we did in the video.



Begin by playing the time game: Hickory Dickory Clock (if you have been working on o'clock, half past, quarter to and past play level 1 and if you have started to look at time to 5 minute intervals play level 2). 

All of your work will be completed within Miss Balfe's maths video today and so no worksheet is required. You may want to have some paper with you though so you are able to write down your answers. 


If you have been working on quarter to and quarter past this week, watch the Power Point on the video centre. Make sure you know how to pause and resume the video as you will need to do this in order to give yourself time to answer the word problems. Towards the end of the video Miss Balfe will go through and discuss the answers to each of word problems showing you how they would be worked out. 


If you have been working on telling the time in 5 minute intervals this week, watch the Power Point on the video centre. Make sure you know how to pause and resume the video as you will need to do this in order to give yourself time to answer each word problem. You will need to pause the video after each question to give yourself time to answer it as Miss Balfe will be explaining and discussing the answer with you before moving onto the next question. 



Do you remember last week that we learned about materials?  Today we are going to explore the properties of a range of object together during an interactive video lessonBefore you watch it, collect about 20 objects that are made of materials such as metal, wood, plastic, fabric, glass or ceramic (be careful with these two - ask your grown up for help). Have the objects near you and a copy of the 'Materials and Properties cards' (below).  If you can print them off and cut up the words.  Alternatively ask your grown ups to help you write the words on pieces of paper. You will also need your knowledge organiser. (below)

When you are ready click here.  


Mindful Moments

Enjoy Cosmic Yoga again.  This time it is about Sonic the Hedgehog. Time to relax. Click here.