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Take a look at the new videos our PE teachers have put together to show you how you can join in with some key PE skills at home - https://www.didsburyroad.stockport.sch.uk/pe-lessons/

or Join Joe Wicks @ 9am https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAxW1XT0iEJo0TYlRfn6rYQ



Good morning. Today's maths lesson is revisiting tens and ones. We are continuing to work with numbers to 50 but there are similar activities in the extra work folder which is tens and ones to 30.

Unfortunately the video is too large to upload onto this page so please access it via Pupils - home learning - video centre.


We have some very exciting news today - Naughty Bus sent us a letter! He wants us to help him plan a visit to London. He needs you to draw him a route on the map, driving past 4 places (or more if you like!). Draw your route on the map following the roads. Then you need to write some instructions on where to go to follow your route. There are two worksheet options below, you can write out your sentences on blank lines using the sentence starter sheet to help, or fill in the gaps with the places you want to visit. Naughty Bus can't wait to see your journeys! Remember to use capital letters for the names of places laugh

English - Lesson 3 - Naughty Bus Journey

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Today we are learning another NEW sound! The "ew" sound. You say it like "oo" and "ue".

Watch the video and say the sounds as they appear on your screen!

Then you can play 3 IN A ROW with someone at home or you can play on your own!

Have a great lesson!

Lesson 1 - ew phonics.mp4

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Live Check-In @ 11:30am

Use your child's Gmail account to log in and access the Google Meet with the link your teacher has sent you. Please remember to mute your device.


Today we have our first exciting lesson about Extraordinary Explorers!! We are going to have a think about what explorers do and why... Your task is to draw what you think an explorer looks like and label your picture. There are no wrong answers, feel free to be as creative as you like! Have a think about what they might wear, and what they might take with them on their travels. You can also think about what an explorer might need to be like as a person. There are some ideas at the end of the video and on the Explorer Word Mat below. Enjoy smiley

History - Lesson 1 - What is an explorer?

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Storytime Carrot Club

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