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Wednesday 24th February


Enjoy practising your 3 Mindful M's.  As you keep practising your mindful body with the yoga, your shoulders and neck with get stronger so that when you do your writing, you will find it easier.  Today' mindful breathing is our belly breathing. Our affirmation is 

I can follow rules

In our PSHE we are learning about rules. Sometimes we don't want to follow these.  Maybe they seem silly or perhaps you don't think they are for you to follow.  Rules are made for a reason to keep us all happy and safe. If you feel like breaking rules, remind yourself with this affirmation. 



Handwriting - Watch Mrs Graham's video to practise handwriting joins - ai, at, al, some words and a sentence that includes these words and joins.  If you want to you could find more words with these joins and try them out.  A practise sheet is provided below. 

Main lesson - Following on from yesterday, we are going to remind ourselves what a non fiction information text might look like and its features and then look at a letter and a biography - all featuring L S Lowry.  Watch Mrs Graham's video and learn how they are different and the same.  Finally, now you are confident in understanding the difference between what you might read in a fiction or non fiction text, you can look at some sentences and work out if they are either from a fiction or non fiction text and sort them into two groups - similar to what we did on Monday.  



Begin today's lesson by completing the quiz and watching the video on 2D shapes on the National Oak Academy website

Then complete worksheet 1: sort 2D shapes before moving on to worksheet 2: draw 2D shapes. You will need a ruler to complete today's maths job!

If you get stuck along the way, move on to another question or use Miss Balfe's video to complete parts of the worksheets with support. Once you have completed both sheets, use Miss Balfe's video to go over the answers to each question and see how you got on. 



Today, we are going to think about rules. What are rules? Why do we have them? What happens if we break a rule? Do we have different rules for different places?

Watch Mrs Hodgson’s video on rules and then complete the worksheet below which has activities to get you to think about each of those key questions above. There are some cut and stick activities as well as writing activities. Before you start the work, watch this short, fun video of a rules song.