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Wednesday 27th January


As we do now for each morning, we are going to practise the 3 Mindful M's.  Practise your yoga sequence (available on Monday's attachments) and finish with your sunshine breathing.  Then say your affirmation and finally do your 5 finger breathing. 

Today's affirmation is I am a good friend.

Who are your friends?  Have you ever fallen out because one of you wasn't being a good friend?  We don't need lots of friends but the friends we do have need to be cared about.  List the things that aren't friendly behaviours that we should try never to do.  Then think about the good ways we can be a friend.  You can use this affirmation for anyone you know, especially when that person isn't being nice - think of ways you might manage that situation - what could you do?



Today, we are going to carry on using ideas from Tell Me A Dragon story to do some descriptive writing planning again. Who can remember what word type we use to describe something? Who can remember what we learnt about a couple of weeks ago to do with adjectives?
First of all, listen to Jackie Morris herself explaining her reasons behind each dragon in the story. This will help to give you some ideas that you might like to add to your dragon writing today and tomorrow. Watch here.  

Mrs Hodgson especially likes the part where she talks about the cupcakes and her thoughts behind how she was going to get the dragon to be able to pick up a tiny cupcake. Think about your dragon, what is it going to be a dragon of, what can it do?


Next, watch the video of Mrs Hodgson on the video centre describing her favourite dragon and what we are going to do today. Use the planning sheet to write down ideas for your dragon.



First, complete the recapping a quarter worksheet by sorting the shaded shapes into those that are a quarter shaded and those that are not. Then watch Miss Balfe's video which explains how one half and two quarters are equal. Once you've watched her video, complete the worksheet to help her prove that 1/2 is the same as (equivalent to) 2/4. 



Thinking about the continents, we are going to remind ourselves where they are in a quick problem solving activity and then learn about the landmarks in Europe, during the video with Mrs Graham here.  Below is a great resource on Europe which has a fact file in it and a worksheet where you can write about the facts you have found out. Alternatively create a spidergram of your new found knowledge. The resource has some other ideas you can use if you wish to continue your research. Why not explore google maps again or look at an atlas as well?


Getting Active

Have you tried Zumba Kids yet?  This is a link to Zumba Kids Minions dance which is a favourite with the children who have been in school.  Click here



Remember to practise the song we started learning on Monday with the link here and use the lyrics if you like, which can be found on yesterday's page.