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Wednesday 3rd March


Practise your three mindful M's - breathing, yoga and affirmation.  Today's affirmation is...

I am observant

In art today you will be sketching buildings and you will need to be really observant to notice all the details, angles of lines and textures.  When else are you observant? We need to be observant lots of times - such as when we are running in the playground so we don't bump into someone or if we are cooking to make sure we don't burn the cakes.  Being observant is really useful but when we are distracted we might not remember to be observant.  Be observant today and see what you can notice. 



Handwriting - Lesson focus: joining letters ac ad ap  Join Mrs Graham's video lesson to practise your handwriting.  Use lined paper or the handwriting practising sheet below.  


Main Lesson - Lesson focus: to edit completed work using success criteria and write out the biography neatly.  Using Mrs Graham's video lesson, complete your last biography section - Did you know? - adding an interesting fact.  This shouldn't take you very long.  After that, use the success criteria ladder you used yesterday to double check what you have previously done and edit today's work using a coloured pen or pencil to do this.  Finally, write out your work in your best handwriting, remembering to add in the changes you made. Don't forget to add a photograph!



If you feel you need a little bit of a recap on faces, edges and vertices of 3D shapes then first watch and complete the Oak Academy videos and activities on recognising, naming and describing 3D shapes and describing and classifying 3D shapes. 

Then complete the 3D shapes true or false quiz in Miss Balfe's video before pausing and completing both the sorting 3D shapes and 3D shapes extension worksheets. Then resume the video to go through the questions along with Miss Balfe. 

Finish today's maths lesson by playing the following 3D shapes matching game by matching the correct shape to it's name. 



Today, we are going to be talking about perspective in drawing. Have you heard of that word before? What could it mean?

Watch Mrs Hodgson’s video on perspective in drawings and we are also going to be looking at drawing buildings in the style of Lowry too. Mrs Hodgson will model each activity in the video. Follow the video to help you with your drawing or follow the PowerPoint below.
Once you have done your back ground, make sure you follow on to do your buildings drawing too. 
You will need: paper, pencils, paint, brushes, water, (or any other media you have in your house, such as, colouring pencils or pens).


This work is leading up to our D&T afternoon in a couple of weeks and our final week collage lesson.