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Week 1 Thursday 6th Jan/Fri 7th


Work through the multiplication powerpoint and complete the WR sheet from question 3 onwards. Then complete the activity challenges sheet. Mark your work and correct any mistakes.


Read Verse II of the Highwayman Poem. Look up the meaning of any unfamiliar words in a dictionary, either the oxford dictionary online or one you have at home. There is also an interactive Glossary below. You could do this for the whole poem if you have time. Draw an image to represent the Highwayman. Label it with the descriptions from the poem. You could repeat this for verses III and IV and draw a labelled image of Bess based upon the poem's description of her. 


Complete the activity below. The instructions are on the first page.


What do you already know about Space? Thinking about the relationship between the Earth, Sun and the Moon. What do you know already about the planets? Don't worry if you don't know much. Complete a mind map to share with me where you are in your knowledge and understanding of this topic. Don't do any research- just have a good think. Write down three things you would like to do or learn about during this topic.