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Week 4 14.3.22


Listen to the story of The Great Kapok Tree.

Write down the key message from the story.

Read the author's note. Write down some more reasons why we shouldn't destroy the rainforests.

Complete the comprehension. There are different levels to choose from.


Think about the reasons why the rainforests are being cut down.

Read the text and then make a list of reasons for and against deforestation. 

There are also some questions for you to answer on the text- the answers are there too.


English Research Deforestation

  • Start to find out more about deforestation and make some notes.
  • Use the websites below or any you find helpful


This week we are learning about multiplication and division methods.

I have included the powerpoints for you to work through- the slides get more difficult towards the end.

There is a matching WR worksheet for each powerpoint. There are also some CS ones which are more difficult. 

Choose the one at the best level for you. 

I have included the answers so that you can mark your work and tey and corrrect any mistakes.




  • Create a Vintage Space Poster
  • Use the examples below for inspiration
  • Or search on the internet for more ideas


  • Watch the video below
  • Then work through the PowerPoint
  • Fill in the sheet or draw your own phases of the moon and label
  • Write down any new facts you have learnt