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Week 5

For this last week of summer one try some reading comprehensions on birds and mini-beasts you may see every day.  Choose the level of text and response you feel comfortable at or challenge yourself.

Once you have 'warmed up' go outside or look through a window and see if you can find the animals mentioned. What other species can you find. The text mentions Blue-tits but in my garden I see 3 other types - Long-tailed Tit, Coal-tit and Great Tit- can you spot them in your garden? I also enjoy watching a pair of young Magpies and a pair of Crows regularly fighting it out for the best roof-top perches.

Over the Half Term I would like as many people as possible to carry out a Bird survey in their garden, backyard or shared area. You can collate in many different ways: a list, drawings, descriptions or a mixture.

Think of the following; what time of day do you usually see them? where do they usually sit/feed? do they come alone or in pairs/groups?

There is a template of a grid to use if you wish.

Garden Bird Survey Grid - complete on line, print or create your own.

Differentiated Reading Comprehensions - chose the test and response you feel comfortable with (answers included)