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Week 5 31.1.22 5L


In English we will be writing our space story which we planned last week. We are writing it over a few days, rather than all in one go. Remember to show not tell the characters' emotions. I've included some examples in the powerpoint. I've included a blank plan and a sample plan. There is a success criteria too which you can look at as you write and then fill in at the end. Spend time checking over your writing and correcting errors. 


Work through the powerpoint, then complete the WR sheet. Then mark and correct any mistakes. If you completed this easily then try the corresponding lesson challenges in the word document.



Research the Planets in our solar system and create a fact file or poster about them.

Use the resources below to help.


We are starting to create our art, based on the work of Peter Thorpe.

Decide on your final design.

If you have paint, create the background for your work and then let it dry.

On a separate piece of paper sketch and colour the foreground (eg rocket or planet). Cut this out and stick it to the background to create your final piece.

If you do not have paint,you could sketch some of his designs or create a factfile, poster or powerpoint about him. You can use an app on your tablet to create artwork inspired by him or use an app to create a presentation about his work.

PSHE: Valuing Difference

Look at the pdf poster- different families- same love.

What is this poster representing? What does it mean?

How are we different? How are we the same?

Have a look at the powerpoint. You will not be able to compare your answer but you can imagine what others in your class might have put.

  • How do other people’s lifestyles differ from ours?
  • In what ways is growing up different for them?
  • How can we get to know and respect each other better?
  • How can we show that we value and respect other people’s lifestyles, places, culture, beliefs and feelings?
  • What does it mean to show empathy?

Create a poster or piece of art to show what Valuing Difference means to you.


When so much of the land they lived in was mountain and jungle, how did the Maya manage to become so important?


 What are the physical features of a tropical rainforest environmental region? Which ones might make it difficult to survive/flourish? (high precipitation, dense vegetation, poor soil, many plants/animals, mountains) 

Explore the following website https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zq6svcw 

Then complete Diamond 6  activity - order reasons why it might have been possible to successfully survive and flourish in this type of terrain. 


Reading Comprehension: