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Week Beginning Monday 28th Home Learning

Week Beginning Monday 28th September Home Learning


Your home learning for the Monday and Tuesday of the Week Beginning Monday 28th September is shown below. See the suggested timetable for filling your days with Home Learning. There are daily activities for Spellings, Maths and English. There are individual sessions for History and Science. If you complete these Home Learning activities, you may go back to last week's page to complete any missed activities - particularly the Wellbeing activities.


There is no expectation to print off extra resources that the children will not write on. If you require paper copies of this week's home learning, the essential documents can be collected from school - let the front office know and they can print them out for you to collect.


If you have any questions about your Home Learning, or you are sharing any work with your teacher, email the Year 5 email - year5@didsburyroad.stockport.sch.uk - Write your Name and Class in the Subject box e.g. Joe Bloggs - Miss Leah, 5L

Click the Home Learning link below, then click on the Video Centre to find your Daily Video Messages


Remember to read with an adult for 30 minutes every day. Below are some questions your adults can ask you about the books you read. There is also a link to the Reading section of the website - "Must Read Books".


When you finish a book, don't forget to review it! You can present your book review in any way you wish. You could write your review in your Reading Journal (if you brought it home - it is a Pink A4 book with no lines), on paper, or present your book review as a video, like the examples we watched in class! The links to those reviews are below.

How you might present your Book Reviews!

Still image for this video


Please open the weekly maths plan from maths resources which will explain what we are covering this week. Every day,  there is a video (videos are in the Home Learning page, in the Video Centre) where I will guide you through our learning PowerPoint, then there are tasks (in maths resources) to complete after .


If you have finished the daily task and extension task you can also practise your times tables on TTRS and play maths games on the links in the timetable.


Please open the weekly English plan from the English resources which will explain what we are covering on Monday and Tuesday. For both days, there is a video where I will guide you through your task, then there are tasks to complete after. If you complete the tasks there are extra activities at the bottom of the weekly plan. There is a link to the English Videos (which are in the Home Learning page, in the Video Centre) below.

Spelling Tasks

On the timetable there are 2 spelling sessions. You could use these sessions for Creative Spellings, for Spellzone or other spelling Games, for Look-Cover-Write-Check learning, and for your Spelling Test.


WEEKLY SPELLINGS - For this week, since we only have two days at home, choose 10 spellings from the Spellings Lists to practice and test yourself on.


SPELLZONE INFORMATION - This is a link for the Free games. Children are not expected to sign up to an account, and do not have an account already set up by school.


STATUTORY SPELLING LISTS - These are the lists we choose from throughout the year for our weekly spellings. The statutory lists do not need to be printed off.


Creative Spellings - why not:

  • make a spelling pyramid
  • create spelling scribble
  • scramble your spellings
  • use the internet to build a crossword or word search (use dictionaries to help with definitions and meanings)


Our science topic this term is Properties and changes of materials. 

Follow the link to watch lesson 2 to find out what makes something a mixture. You will need a pencil and paper. If you want to carry out the experiment with an adult you will need oil, water and washing up liquid. 




Create a timeline of British History including time periods and significant British and World events.


You should at least include the time period / significant events immediately before the Anglo-Saxons, during (so, when approximately the Anglo-Saxon era began and when it approximately ended), and immediately after.


First activity: Be honest and create a timeline using what knowledge you already have! You could, on the far right of your page, put today's date. Then, moving left, put your birthday, family members' birthdays, then other significant British History events, including the Anglo-Saxons, their predecessors and successors.


TIP: You could present each event as a smaller piece of paper with a summary of those times / events, and create a fantastically-long timeline that snakes around your house! OR, you could create a piece per century (100 years) like the example below (which has used a piece per decade - 10 years)


Challenge: include other areas of the world's history e.g. Ancient Egyptians, Mayans...What was happening around the world at that same time? Use time adverbials such as "Meanwhile," "At the same time, over in ..., ..."


Use the link below and other sources of information e.g. prior knowledge, history books you may have at home, and the internet to help you create your timeline.

Extra Activities

If you would like, click the link below to look back at last week's home learning afternoon activities. Complete any activities you did not complete, particularly the Wellbeing activities.