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Week commencing 18th Jan 2021

Hi Nursery,

So here we are in Week 2 of learning about Winter. I hope you have enjoyed last week's videos. Mrs Kaur kept making mistakes when talking, and had to record herself over and over again!ahhhh... but I think I am getting better at it now!!!


This week we are learning two new letters t and p, but will continue to practise learning s and a. We are also learning lots more about Winter, especially about how we dress up for Winter. See if you can dress up the child in the correct winter clothing on the sheet, remember to think about what we wear when we go outside to play.


We are also recapping on our learning of shapes and I have an activity for you to complete.

Keep practising your numbers from 1-10, as we are now learning numbers from 11-20. I have put some number cards for you to print, cut out and practise at home with your parents. Do not worry if you are struggling with your numbers, we will practise lots more when Nursery returns to normal.  Just remember to have lots of fun with the numbers!


Maybe you can place the numbers all around your house and then your parent can shout out a number and you have to find it. Or maybe you can put the numbers in order, then close your eyes and your parent can take one/ two numbers away, will you be able to find out which number was taken? Maybe they can swap two numbers around, can you find out which numbers are in the wrong place?


Mrs Poole and I hope you all enjoy these activities and we can't wait to see you all soon!


p.s. if you need any of the resources printed out for you then please contact school and I can get them ready for you to collect at the office.


Mrs Kaur and Mrs Poole 



I am super excited to see all your smiley faces on livechat at 1pm. Remember Caterpillars on Monday and Tuesday and the Butterflies are on Thursday and Friday.


I will send you an invite to you all, then all you need to do is click on the link and then we can all meet. Just remember to MUTE yourself, because when everyone talks altogether it gets quite noisy and static and then I can't hear you all.

Also, if you want to tell me something, all you need to do is press the 'raise your hand' button and then you can talk to me.


LIVE CHAT TASK: Can you find 2 objects that begin with S and A in your home? I will ask you to show them to me during live chat, you can even ask your parent to draw some items if you're struggling to find things.


Also, make sure you keep some paper and feltips with you on hand, as we might have time to play a game!

See you then


This week, we are practising to write the letter  s and a. 


You can practise this in lots of different ways:

* practise writing the letters in flour/sand/rice/glitter (on a dark plate)

* paintbrush the letters with paint or water


Here is the correct way to write letters! Have fun!








Click on the icon to watch the videos

Letter p 

Sorting s and a objects

Still image for this video

Letter t

Still image for this video

Letter P

Still image for this video

Mrs Poole reads Diamond in the Snow

Still image for this video

Mrs Kaur reads Betty and the Yeti

Still image for this video